The Human Condition

Sometimes I hate the human condition, but not for any of the usual reasons. I don’t care that we’re cruel or violent. It doesn’t bother me to know people are “bullied”. I’m not hopelessly baffled or somehow wounded by the greed and desires that rule us. It might seem like it because, well, I’m not usually as much of an asshole as a lot of other people can be, but these things are present in all of us.

Me, you, everybody. I don’t really hate any of that.

What I hate about it is that we’re so stupid sometimes. Instinct is king, it can guide us pretty much anywhere we would ever want to go… I mean for fuck’s sake, we’re just clever animals. But we think about things until we’re frozen in a static field of uncertainty or read and extrapolate things from between the lines that just aren’t there and we act (or fail to act) based on that.

That, far more than our violent little hearts, puzzles the shit out of me.

Not that I’m immune from the problem of over thinking shit all the time but… it’s amazing how self-sabatoging and stupid we can be, and not from a lack of intelligence but because of it.


16 thoughts on “The Human Condition

  1. Soo true. What I’ve seen in my last couple of months is that the image of a problem, of a need, of whatever it is I may have had those struggles of “intelligence about is a mere hairline’s distance away from the results of an unintelligent approach but without the mental gymnastics.

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    • πŸ™‚ I know that for myself, who habitually thinks on things all the time, it’s a little maddening. And to know full well what I’m doing to myself when I do that… Desire and action is all I really need (I think lol), and the thought processes needed to make something desirable actually *happen*, they tend to come on their own accord. Act on the hearts desires and the mind will follow, helping all along the way.


  2. You, Mister, baffle me. I have yet to read a blog post from you which does not make me want to bow to you. Are you sure you`re not reincarnated from the times of … oh, i dont know… the era of all knowledge or smth?
    No, joking aside, well pondered… again… πŸ™‚

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    • Haha, maybe we do. I think overall though all that overthinking bogs me down, emotionally if in no other way. I kind of feel like even if that’s the case, that it’s picking up slack for those that don’t think… do I really want to be the sucker picking up slack for other people? I bet it’s not the “right” thing, but I’d rather not be enslaved to making up for the shortcomings of others (I’m not an altruist by any means) and if that means that the dynamics shift and other have to pick up slack for me… well, I can live with that I think. With the exception of a few people (because when it comes right down to it, there are only a few people I really truly care about in this world).


    • Maybe so… I tend to think of us all as savages though. The civility, to me, is just a veneer. My take on it is more along the lines of… we are never truly civilized. Not in a way that’s seperate from our own (animal) nature, and I don’t think that’s wrong or bad either. I just think that what we do create, civilized or otherwise, is best built with our true nature as an honestly acknowledged foundation. Underneath all of our niceties, societal norms, etc. are our real selves, and I think it works best when that element (culture, rules, civilized behavior) isn’t ignorant of or dissonant with the other element (our animal nature, our savagery). To me… it’s best if they’re complimentary, rather than being at odds with each other. πŸ™‚

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