By Itself Intelligence Is Useless

I wonder how many times I contradict myself here. Like saying I don’t get how we can be so stupid because of how intelligent we are, but then on the flip side writing another post (the one I just published) basically saying I believe in the value of, well, let’s call it a certain kind of stupidity. At least as far as it being better to stumble and flail through life like an idiot rather than playing it safe and smart all the time, fozen in inaction by all the possible risks something might involve.

There’s actually a pretty simple explanation for that one despite how ambivalent I seemed to myself about it a minute ago… The mind is plenty useful as long as it’s not getting in the way of our baser instincts, desires, and dreams. The simple “I want”. The dreams we have. When reason is there to guide a persons passion I’m all for it. If it’s muddying up clarity on what you want and whether you should go after it though, it’s a pain in the ass and way out of line.

The mind is a powerful tool but only if it’s being used by the heart. It is not, in itself, worth a damn.


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