Even Drugs Get Boring

I’m one of those people who will stick with something for a long time if I’ve decided I like it. I’ll go full-tilt, over-the-top obsessive with it too a lot of the time. Straight up fucking gluttony, and drugs are no exception to this. Having said that though I think that part of the reason I’ve never been in danger of the ‘addict mentality’ is… I also have a tendency to get bored. After a few years smoking pot almost every day I got sick of it. Tired of being high.

So I stopped smoking it. When people asked if I had quit my answer was generally “no”.
“Over it” was the phrase I used most, and in retrospect it was oh so perfect.

That’s not to say I won’t smoke weed now or that I haven’t since then, but honestly I just got bored with it. It’s still in my list of fun things to do, along with snorting lines and drinking, but only when I have the time, the inclination, and the money for it. And preferably with lots of other people to do crazy shit with, adding to the fun, but that part I can take or leave. I also don’t have to get out of control to enjoy the shit out of an altered state of mind.

I love drugs. Cocaine is my favorite, drinking is a sliver above pot, and I’m perfectly willing to explore other substances. Ecstasy would be a new experience for me, and so would shrooms. The only ones I wouldn’t touch are heroine and meth. They fuck you up to fast, to undeniably, to be worth any exploration. Their costs just don’t justify any possible recreation to be had from doing them.

Yet, regardless of my ability to roll with the worst of drug fiends, whether for a night or for a binge, I don’t need to do them at all. Even drugs get boring. Sins and indulgences are fun, fun, fun in my opinion. But each and every pleasure gets to familiar to be good enough for me. None of them are forever, and the lasting ones still require a break every now and then. Otherwise it’s just the same shit every day, which is kind of at odds with why they’re fun in the first place.


13 thoughts on “Even Drugs Get Boring

  1. Interesting perspective. Just wondering where you stand on prescribed drugs? And oh I happen to notice crack wasn’t mentioned, what’s up with that. Lol kinda kidding you don’t have to answer.

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    • Oh I’m pretty much an open book 😉 , crack should’ve been up there in the category of “not interested in trying it” with meth and heroine. Cocaine is technically crack, but it’s a lot harder to spot a coke head than a crack head… so yeah, I’m not interested in smoking shards.

      As far as prescription drugs… would I “abuse” them? Yes. I would have to judge it on a case by case basis though. I like being informed on what it is, what it’s supposed to do, and what it’s other potential side effects are. Vicodin is a good example of something I’d try out though.

      When it comes to disorders, mental illnesses, and my opinions on that… well, that’s another post (or two or three posts) worth of stuff I could probably write. I think a lot of people (especially kids) are diagnosed with things they either don’t have, or don’t have severely enough to merit medication.

      Some people really do need medication to kind of level themselves out from being so imbalanced though imo (e.g. someone that genuinely has bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, etc.). To have something resembling a livable life.

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    • Glad it resonated 😀 . Despite what ‘they’ say, I don’t really see much difference as far as “addictive pull”. That could just be because I have yet to be rich enough to afford a steady, massive supply of coke… ’till then though, I’m going to stick with “eh, even drugs can get boring”. I really doubt more money would change my opinion though.


  2. Hey there. I loved this post I can so relate to what you’re saying. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing but where can you draw the line,right? Meth and heroin have got such a terrible wrap it’s hard to see why people do it. I think the bad reputation they have scare me too.

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    • Well like they say, even to much water can kill you. The problem, to me, lies within the individual rather than the drugs. Personal responsibility often doesn’t enter into it for most people though… easier to blame the chemicals.

      The reputation of heroin and meth are definitely a factor, but one thing too is… I meet people that use all sorts of drugs (and I bet more straight edge people meet drug users a lot more often than they think) and going by what I’ve seen firsthand in friends and friends of friends, I’d really rather not play much with those forms of fire. My self destruction does have it’s limits I guess haha…

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