Looking for Temptations

On that last quote I posted… If temptation is just another way of saying desire (which is just another word for the inner flame we all have, the wanting for more, the quintessential passion burning inside each of us)… then yes, I’d say that’s all there is to it. I imagine some people would tie in the concept of sin, moral corruption, or something like that. Not that it doesn’t fit, but people who would say that speak an entirely different language than me. They look at the world through a very silly lens.

Wilde? He speaks my kind of language beautifully.  He probably meant the same thing I would’ve meant had I been the only one to say those words. What people call sins are just fixed characteristics of human nature. They ought to be embraced, not apologized for, suppressed, or punished. Then again that last bit is probably misleading; it’s only natural to lash out at something you don’t like, or to at least try to put a stop to it. Wrath is one of those dandy characteristics after all.

Yielding to temptation though? Pfft. That’s just a matter of wondering, imagining.

Of being curious and following that curiosity.


3 thoughts on “Looking for Temptations

    • Yes, but I don’t really understand them… I have theories, none of which encompass all of them. I think, for example, that some of them are just blessedly dull, dumb, or… simple enough to be content with what they have. Others would but they’ve been conditioned, from childhood or from trauma or both, to suppress that natural curiosity. That’s just speculation though, and it doesn’t apply across the board by any means. Some of them, I’m sure, simply have all they want, or go after it and are happy to do so. But then that goes back to them being simple-minded, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just not… well not something I can entirely understand except in little, transitory personal experiences. Being the way I am, I just can’t help but think that we all secretly want for more. And I could be wrong but I have no way of knowing, so it’s something I’ve decided makes the most sense, subject to anything new I might learn or see to make me think otherwise.


  1. Every word you said is what I would say. Because there is no one sure answer, I do consider that my perspective and judgements are justifying an unappeasable curiosity or restlessness by calling those without it, “simple”. Perhaps “simple” is content, and sure of most everything with no need to look for the shiny objects? I’m just wondering if the reverse of our “answer” here or justifications were true, what would that make us – lunatics? : ) It doesn’t really matter but it’s a fun thought. I Yam what I yam.

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