The Great Comedy

“The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind.”
~H.P. Lovecraft

…now there’s a man who truly saw in his mind’s eye, our utter irrelevance to the universe, and how terrifying it might be to be confronted with something that erased all doubt of it.


5 thoughts on “The Great Comedy

    • Maybe. The terror I meant was what a man or woman might feel in being confronted with the monsters vast enough, old enough, uncaringly destructive enough to show our irrelevance. Our smallness in and of itself… that’s just bleak, not necessarily terrifying. And I don’t know if I would consider it a blessing to see that we’re irrelevant without any doubt, because I’d say I already see it and I’m not scared of it, but I don’t really care for it either.



      • jack I think u are need to come to the mountains of india and maybe the secret will be revealed .But you need to leave ur mind and intellect and wisdom and words and thoughts in a corner ,if not in ur closet ,when u come.The best words,the best art,the best intellect,the best analysis,the ultimate expression in words ,the most amazing experience,the most amazing passion will not come in u will start analyzing this. it wil be aother comment,another blog.go for it is beyond thoughts,words or speech.


  1. Hey Jack. It really is sort of comedic how we complicate everything, and get things backwards. Most actually believe they are a speck in a limitless world rather than seeing that it is the other way around; the world is within, and created by them. It seems the actors in this play have forgotten they are actors and have bought into their roles in this tragic comedy.

    I would agree with gsing except you will always be where you are and every time is now and it seems you have already started to see that.

    Thank you for the follow at, “Through The Cracked Window,” I appreciate that. – Stephen.

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