Mistakes Can Be Outshined

You know, despite the irregular way I go about posting, I think it would be ideal to post around four times a day. Minimum. It might not all be top notch, there might be occasional spelling errors (which you can always go back and fix afterwards), but this is blogging. You want perfect go read a book. Or… well, not exactly perfect, but of a different quality.

Even with fiction though, more is generally better. The more you write the more practice you get, even if you don’t publish all of it. That’s the thing about blogging though… I don’t publish everything I write for this site, but in a lot of ways I kind of should. I hit more than I miss and people are always free to skip over my shittier posts. If there’s such a thing.

That’s another thing to look at too. What makes a post “bad” on a personal blog like this one? Spelling and grammar errors galore? That’s not much of a real problem for me. Saying something I don’t mean, or saying it in a way that doesn’t quite get across what I want it to? Maybe, but then that’s another good reason for posting more. Practice!

Just kind of the nature of the beast when it comes to blogging.

It’s kind of hard to go wrong. There are assholes out there, there are whiners, preachers, any number of other variations. Some from every category you can think of will have a measure of success. On and on I could go with that, describing all sorts of people, but my point is you can get where you want to be no matter how you do it.

You just keep trying to get there and whatever mistakes you make along the way won’t matter in comparison to how far you go. That’s the hope anyways.


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