Deleted Blogs

I really hate clicking someones name, someone who liked one of my posts, commented, or subscribed, and arriving at a deleted WordPress site. I hate it because I want to see what’s in their mind, how they approach blogging, who they are and who they believe themselves to be.

I don’t click on everyone either because when the link obviously goes to a dentistry website or other nonsense of the like, I know I’m probably not going to be interested.

A lot of real people seem to follow these mind splatterings of mine though, so it’s kind of a bummer when I hit that button and nothing’s there. A broken link is one thing but when something did used to be there it’s a bit of a downer not to be able to have read any of it.

This doesn’t really merit being posted. I’m posting it anyways.

Deleted blogs bum me out.


14 thoughts on “Deleted Blogs

    • You don’t have anything to feel insecure about imo 😉 .

      I’m never going to stop writing. I don’t really think I can help it, not even if I wanted to. It became to built in at some point, second nature, so in some ways I just figure… why not do it here? Might be a little presumptuous of me to offer “advice” per say, but I think as soon as it gets to be too much, break the rules of how you’re doing things with it. When you start to get a certain layout, rhythm, a certain standard… throw it out and pretend like none of your old posts(or the habits developed in writing them) exist at all. Start fresh, but without deleting or starting a whole new blog.

      See, with me I know I’ll always come back to it. Sooner or later. So I’ve pretty much decided even when I don’t have anything to write or say, I’ll let my blog alone so it’s here for the inevitable resurgence of passion.


  1. There is always that moment of “Oh, this looks promising!” when someone leaves an interesting comment, has an amusing or curiosity-piquing avatar and clever handle… but then there’s always the axe-kick to the head when you click to see who they are and there’s just that sad little “this site has been deleted” image.

    I know this feel. Far too well.

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  2. My issue is more with how transient blogging is. I get into someone’s blog, and then they stop writing. I’m used to it now, but so many have come and gone in the several years I’ve been blogging. I try to just expect it now 🙂
    I understand why people delete blogs though. I think about it fairly often.

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    • It’s definitely an ever-changing sea of faces, but then again… I guess that’s pretty much the same in every part of life, online or otherwise. It does bother me every now and then though.

      I think I understand why people delete them, just a bit of a downer when I come acorss the evidence of what was haha, “ is no longer available” means it was there and I missed it.


  3. Exactly! I mourn the lost bloggers, especially when we’ve had connections through likes and comments. I’m especially stung by the deleted blogs–it’s like having a friend then waking to find it was just a dream. For the love of the gods, people–walk away if you want. Turn your backs if you must, but please don’t burn down your gardens and leave a smoldering ruin where your flowers once grew.

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