There Are No Endings

I’ve always had a certain fondness for the idea of Hell, for its poetic inversion of sins commited in life in Dante’s inferno and it’s clever masquerade as heaven in the Twilight Zone. For it’s cunning prince and it’s motley denizens. It’s war loving, hoof footed brute and it’s clever, slick as shit salesman. Not to mention all the other minor variations, the hell without a devil, with the strange order of pain worshipers that blossomed out of Barker’s mind, the eternal prison sentence in tales like Ghostrider or Drive Angry. I don’t really discriminate. Hell is, in most imaginings, a fascinating place.

My hell is a bit like our world because, well, I think our reality makes a good model. The biggest difference? You can’t stay dead when your body is just materialized soul, a powerhouse beyond measure in and of itself. It puts itself back together like your body never could. My idea of an afterlife is a lot like life, but it’s life without end and no avoiding the brutalities so many are able to avoid here. Beheadings, rapes, torture? They’re all fun and games down in my hell. Some of them are even paying jobs as long as you find the right audience. There are a lot of people down there that just… they’re not quite right in the head.

It’s also a little bit likie every other hell. Different territories, cities, and some of them have names you would recognize. Hades. Babylon. Most of them being under the rule of a demon, a few being controlled by the most vicious of human souls. And then there are the fringe towns, the points of entry for most souls. Out on the edge, the only edge known to most residents since the rest seems to go on forever, it’s like a giant waterfall of ghostly bodies. All of them gain solidity before they hit the ground, but before they corporealize… from far enough away the shower of souls looks like a giant, ghostly waterfall. There are a few other spots like it, further in, but only the edge has a name.

If you want to see a bit of it through the eyes of a man who sold his soul and ended up there you can find pieces of the story here: After the End. There are three pieces, one picking up after the other so far, and additonal parts are going to be added pretty much whenever I feel like. You can check the page I linked to for updates too, or subscribe to Sparks of Insanity for email notifications. They’ll probably also tie into a newer project, Modern Day Mephistopheles, which is evolving as I go.


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