Funeral Strippers

What the hell do the Chinese have against funeral strippers?

I mean, the idea of it just never would have occurred to me (…I don’t think), but what’s the problem?

If you ask me, the whole notion of a burlesque show at a funeral is actually pretty rad.

(Fyi I didn’t bother fact-checking this story, I’m not a reporter. Real or not though, it’s a cool idea.)


7 thoughts on “Funeral Strippers

    • I should definitely put it in my will; I’ve always thought the idea of celebrating a life was better than the standard funeral or wake. I watched some movie with Sean Connery (and a few other noteworthy actors I can’t remember the names of) when I was a kid and the wake at the end, the way it was about celebrating life instead of dwelling on the loss of it… well, it stuck with me.

      If anyone cares about me enough to show up at one of those when I die, I’d rather they enjoy themselves and remember the good times.


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