They Naturally Emerge

If you don’t stop to analyze every little thing (as I tend to do) you might be shocked out how much of yourself you reveal to everyone around you. It’s also easier to see your own reflection, if you feel the need to pause and look back on your recent choices, actions, or tastes. There are common themes that become hard to ignore. My fiction lately has been a great example of this.

I mean sure I’ve been kind of aware of the interests I’ve had lately. The centerpieces to all my imaginings. But it’s one thing to know I’m interested in demonic, hellish, and Faustian themes. Quite another to watch them emerge in one piece of fiction after the other. It’s almost like I’m an outsider to the whole thing, just watching it unfold on its own.

Talents, glimpses of character, dreams and desires… they naturally emerge.


One thought on “They Naturally Emerge

  1. Sooo true. Most of the time, it’s better to be a listener than a talker…if I care. I prefer not to care and see where the cards fall. That’s when I have nothing to lose except the foot in my mouth.


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