The Ultimate Satisfaction

Nothing is ever going to offer the “ultimate satisfaction”.

No such thing exists. It’s like eating. Just because you had your fill at dinner doesn’t mean you won’t be hungry when morning comes. That’s essentially what passion is, a hunger of the soul, so it’s not something you’re ever going to escape from. Not as long as you’re still breathing anyways.

We go on hungering and devouring in our own special ways throughout our lives, doing whatever we need to feed ourselves when the pangs of starvation become to sharp. And for some of us there’s… I don’t know, maybe a lower tolerance for the hunger, a greater need to satisfy it.

Maybe I’m one of those and maybe I’m not but, either way I can’t help but believe that’s what drives the greats of humanity into touching and warping the world to their wills.

All the names you learned in history class, all the rock stars, actors, and authors you admire. In their own way the CEO’s and school teachers reach out too. The marketers and politicians. Fame isn’t necessarily a part of it. It’s irrelevant to the fact that all of us, every last man and woman that ever has or ever will walked the earth, reaches out to the world. We do it to change it, to be known to it, to hurt it… In whatever ways we can, we reach out to grab the things that feed our souls.

The things that satisfy our hunger might be wildly different from one person to the next but one thing remains a constant with all of is. A fixed characteristic of the human condition. Of all living things. Each of us has a hunger for more, a driving force that only ever stops when we’re dead.

We’re driven to consume until our last breath.


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