Advocating Capitalism

People talk a lot of shit about money, how horrible it is that there’s so much poverty, and how terrible it is the way the rich live like royalty. They talk about the evils of greed, capitalism… basically the whole system. I’ve come across one thought recently, that we should just get rid of banks, get rid of money and there would be no poverty. But you know what, let’s talk about the real implications of something like that. Say we destroy the financial system and make a clean slate for everyone… what then? Do you think everyone’s going to live in harmony with one another? Think we’re all going to get together and sing happy songs, or leave each other alone and in peace? Think again. It’s not in our nature.

That last sentence right there: It’s not in our nature. That’s the crux of it. It’s the reason I believe in capitalism. We have a certain way of existing on a purely animalistic level, and it inevitably comes through no matter what kind of “civilizing” is done. Capitalism takes our natural tendencies and, instead of pretending they don’t exist, it allows for our nature to run its course in a less dangerous setting. Take away the money and people will still want more. The stronger you are the more you’ll have, and the weaker you are the more you’ll convince yourself to accept the cards you’ve been dealt. It’s always the same.

If you’ve got a problem with capitalism, money, or even greed, maybe you should ask yourself this question: Do you want to live in a world where strong arming means being bought out for pennies on the dollar, or do you want it to be a reality where the equivalent is physical injury and tangible subjugation? Make no mistake, there are people out there even now that don’t really play by the niceties of society. I’m not the worst, but I’m definitely one of them. I don’t demonize violence, I don’t look down on it, and I know that the systems in play right now are just subverted forms of it. Take those systems away and you’re going to be left with a purer version, a more visceral one.

Capitalism is more true to human nature than any other system we’ve come up with so far, while still making things a little more civilized for the people who prefer verbal, psychological, and symbolic violence over the physical kind. Unless a person is really naive I don’t see how they can think it would be anything else.  Take away the niceties and it’s a world I’d be okay with living in (if nothing else, I think I’d survive it), but think of it… A rawer, more savage variation of what we already have. Is that a world you really want to live in?


8 thoughts on “Advocating Capitalism

    • That’s food for thought. I still think that certain parts of the population should be provided for to a certain extent (e.g. the elderly), but I think there’s value in not having to much of a safety net. Still, it’s something for me to mull over.


      • I’m fairly pragmatic, take care of the base level of Maslow’s hierarchy then leave a certain amount free for innovation and mutations. Above all, I think ethics and transparency should be rewarded. That tends to engender ethical behavior in capitalism which helps more people.

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  1. capitalism in principle is fine………… in the real world it procreates with power, dances with politics and births monsters that only wear the skin of humans while being twisted on the inside……..

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    • True, it’s just that to me… that’s the beauty of it. I know not everyone would agree with me, but I tend to think most people are monsters. Some are nicer than others, or else are just too hesitant to do the naughtier things that the more successful ones do, but I think power is just a part of life, something we all have in little or large amounts, and how people tend to use it usually seems less than admirable by conventional/popular moral standards. With that being a fixe characteristic, I just look at capitalism one of the most honest “civilized” ways for that to be expressed throughout a society.

      Like I said, I know not everyone agrees with that outlook, but it’s how I view things… it’s just what I see when I look at the world. I don’t hold it against anyone if they view it differently either though. The biggest problem I usually seem to have with alternate perspectives is when the implications of those alternatives aren’t really thought out or acknowledged. That’s kind of what inspired this post… various different sources I come across all the time, they talk about peace or poverty, they talk about how terrible the current system is, they send me direct messages asking for support of their cause… you know, stuff like that. All of that, and most of the time they don’t seem to have thought our the things they’re championing. When that’s not the case though, I don’t mind respectfully agreeing to disagree.


      • I agree when you say capitalism is honest in a sense where people actually acknowledge it….. The problem is that they don’t; instead we, as people are forced through the sham that is continued in the charity galas and balls and so on…….
        Poverty is not a real thing. It is a side effect of capitalism, monarchy and the assorted bullies congregating and pretending to care about the world……in reality it is about taking what belong to anybody and making it only somebody’s in the name of power.

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