Trump 2016

Trump 2016

So far he’s got my vote.


12 thoughts on “Trump 2016

  1. I heard on the radio that Mark Cuban is in the lead as his running mate. I have no idea how accurate that is. Regardless, I hope he has a reality show right out of the White House – ooh, firing on Congressman and Representatives! Shark Tank can move to Washington DC. There are so many possibilities. I wouldn’t vote for him though – enjoy him, yes. Vote for him, no.

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      • I don’t take him serious as a person who would work to accomplish goals because of his lack of cooperative finesse. I see that he can be a “boss” but unfortunately being President demands more than talking and ordering people to do things. It would be entertaining to see him speak his mind to people or countries that I disagree with but his flippant responses of incredibly mindless, ignorant and adolescent content erased my trust or faith in him to accomplishing real things in the government. Our government is ridiculously fucked up and his way that amuses his audience isn’t going to go far through governmental muck of lobbying and bipartisan bullshit. If someone I could vote for had him as their vice President, I would vote for him. That Presidential nominee would have to be some incredible person though and I don’t see one yet. That’s only my .o2.

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    • lol Well yeah, I get what you’re saying. I just don’t think it’s likely he’s like that twenty four seven. He knows how to play to the cameras, dramatize, and use public attention to pressure opponents (whether they’re politicians, partners in business, or sellers/buyers in real estate), but the research I’ve done so far has a revealed a, well, frankly an astounding ability to negotiate, to work with whoever he has to to achieve whatever goal he happens to have in mind at any given time (e.g. buy a piece of property he wants, expand existing projects or buildings, buying property, getting financial backing, getting government approval, zoning permits, and so on). I’ve gone into it with a favorable opinion of him, but the more I read up on him the more of that kind of stuff I find.

      Not to mention all the stuff that he interestingly doesn’t brag much about.
      The old lady back in the 80’s he helped, raising money (and promising to pay the difference if they didn’t make it) to save her farm, which they did. Giving that ride to the kid who needed to travel via plane in order to get to a decent enough hospital that could handle his condition (the airlines wouldn’t allow him to board any of their planes because of the medical equipment, which he needed if he was going to survive the trip, and a trip he needed to take if he wanted to continue breathing. The family got in touch with Trump and that was that. That was relatively recent too, and I have yet to hear one word about it from Trump himself. There are a few things, little known (or at least little spoken of) examples of his basic sense of decency. And as far as examples of him being capable of more than what we tend to see in the news coverage and press conferences…

      A good one that comes to mind would be the comments from the CEO of the hispanic Chamber of Commerce, who said he was pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the way Trump conducted himself when they met a few weeks ago. It didn’t surprise me to hear that tbh though. Brushing up on the deals he’s made throughout his career (from the very beginning) wouldn’t have been even remotely possible if he didn’t know how to negotiate on multiple fronts effectively, and on a workable timeline. It shows if you look into how he put together the land purchases, buildings, and the political maneuvering he had to do just with the Commodore Hotel and the Trump Tower. Just those two by themselves show a lot of what he’s capable of, and there’s a lot more to look at than just those two.

      So I get where you’re coming from, but I’ve got to disagree; I’m extremely confident he’s be able to apply those skills to congress and to Washington overall in a very effective way. The way he uses the media is just a very visible (but ultimately very small) part of how he seems to operate. It’s one of many tools he learned how to use effectively very early on.

      Add to all of that that his critics are rarely if ever people he’s actually worked with. More often than not they’re competitors or outright opponents, and that automatically makes their criticisms less trustworthy. The fact that their almost all politicians in the present context makes that even worse, given how trustworthy politicians are to start with.

      lol Sorry for such a lengthy reply… but yeah haha, he’s still getting my vote for sure.

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      • Interesting information – thank you for the details. I don’t or haven’t doubted his ability to succeed at his own goals by the evidence alone. I like actually him simply because he’s been up and down and he keeps moving forward vety steadily. He has to be smart. I see a big difference in him succeeding in the economic business arena and him succeeding in our political arena. Call me jaded but the Presidency doesn’t have the power that Donald Trump have. It’s sort of like trying to say who would win if two superheroes fought. Both are men in a man’s world of corruption and greed and misconduct on every layer. Seriously now, do you really want to see what his hair will look like after 4 years? I think that’s what you really are after – I’ve read your random thoughts. I like lengthy responses with real thoughts.


      • …apologies for all of my flippant grammatical errors. I should have reread that. I have to say that my issue is believing that the candidate could accomplish what I would like to see handled (reducing or removing all lobbyists, no padded bills passed, accountability and foresight of consequences for the actions of huge corporations. ) At least someone who moves in that direction. I don’t believe anyone can. P.S. Donald Trump reminds me of Ted Turner.


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