The American Candidate

When it comes to presidential candidates I’m a fan of Trump. Barring any radical shifts to my worldview, he’s getting my vote. One of the reasons: he seems to look at “democrat” and “republican” the same way I do. The only reason he’s running as a Republican, imo, is because you can’t win unless you pick one of the two major parties. You just can’t. And that fucking guy, when he sets his sights on something he plays to win. He’s close enough to Republican cliches that it’s the sensible party to go with, but he’s not bound by those, or by the failings of the party.

His appeal isn’t from being a republican.
It’s from being competent, and from being American.
He appeals to people in every group across the board.

Less in some and more in others, sure, but almost exclusively he’s the one with the most support from all the different segments of the populace the political analysts and politicians like to divide us into. Largely, I think, because he’s a pragmatist. Because love him or hate him, you know where he stands. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s led a successful life in the real world. He hasn’t spent his whole life performing and pandering under false pretenses.

Career politicians don’t know how to do much of anything except make speeches and play to the crowd. They don’t think for themselves, and even if they did it wouldn’t matter. They’re bought and paid for. They wouldn’t use their own reasoning to make decisions even if they could think, because they would also be thinking about the interests of their contributors, and the perception the general public has of him or her. Donald Trump, in contrast, is paying his own way.

He doesn’t have to pretend because he’s already famous (and widely respected) for who he is. Some folks like to poke fun, sure, but not in any meaningful way. You can make fun of his hair, but for the most part no one’s stupid enough to go after a guy like him with 2nd grade quips about how he looks. Hell, the only ones even in a position to take a shot have tried far more effective tactics and failed to slow him down.

  • Megyn Kelly tried to smear him as a misogynist and it didn’t work.
  • Most major media outlets tried to paint him as a joke, soon to implode, and it backfired.
  • Critics tried to cast him as a racist and they failed.

Probably because he’s none of these things. Every attempt to say he is has been a twist of facts, a deliberate misinterpretation of statements he’s made, or else outright lies. All you have to do is a little bit of research. Ramos being thrown out? He broke the rules of conduct for a Q&A session. At the expense of every other reporter in the room no less. Watch the footage yourself on YouTube, it’s not hard to find, and decide for yourself what happened there.

The one about him going bankrupt four times? He answers candidly when asked about it. They were companies he controlled, four out of who knows how many. He himself has never been bankrupt. The type of bankruptcy was for restructuring purposes, declared to exploit loopholes in the local legislation. In Atlantic City if I’m not mistaken; some of them might have been in other places, but the point is if you look into it even a little the facts bear out his side of things.

Not just with this, but with almost everything critics have tried to use against him.
From his supposedly sexist remarks to his supposedly racist assertions.

If you dig into it, it’s pretty clear he’s not a racist or a sexist, he’s never been bankrupt, and the laws he used to his advantage weren’t created by him. Ethically, exploiting the weaknesses in local legislation doesn’t bother me. It just goes to show he’s smart enough to take advantage of loopholes and blind-spots, something I think would be great in an American leader. Something I think would be an invaluable skill in a President, especially since he’d be likely to appoint people with similar qualities as members of his cabinet and unafraid of tossing them if they sucked.

I’ll take that over a continuation of the political charade that’s gone on for decades.

And you know…

I’ve got to say, I don’t particularly like talking about political bullshit here. I care enough about what’s left of our system to stay informed and to cast a vote in every election, whether it’s local or national, but beyond that I tend to keep it to myself. This election cycle is a little different though. The political discourse isn’t purely bullshit this time around, thanks in large part to Trump. More than that though, this time I actually see someone running who I can believe in.

That we can believe in.


16 thoughts on “The American Candidate

  1. I appreciate political posts as I think we as a country really should be discussing and debating things more, especially with those we disagree with. I’m not a Trump fan at all; I’ve known of him ever since living in New York 20 years ago and have never liked what I’ve seen of him or heard from his mouth. People change I know, but he seems insincere to me being as how before deciding to run for President he was pro amnesty, pro assault weapon ban, pro wage tax, pro partial birth abortion and very pro crony capitalist as his wealth was built on using the government to strong arm people out of their properties (via eminent domain) for his developments, which by the way have been found to employ illegal aliens.

    None of those issues may appeal to your outrage button and I get you are sick of the BS and absolute utter incompetence of our existing leaders but I think Trump would make things worse. Remember too, the main theme of his best selling books revolve around how to manipulate people based on emotion.

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    • I don’t know about him being pro-amnesty (haven’t yet seen any old video clips of him saying that, or anything else), but even if that’s the case I chalk certain shifts in perspective up to a person’s evolution over time. Views are bound to change as a person gets older. Being for bans on assault weapons *is* something I’ve heard before, but he doesn’t deny it either; when asked he just says he believes in the 2nd amendment and he’s changed his mind over time. That to me says he’s probably not going to do anything to screw with it because, well, why would he? He’s not in a position right now where he has to lie; with that as an example there are plenty of anti-gun nuts out there who would back him wholeheartedly if he took an anti-gun stance in his campaign.

      The wage tax is slightly worrying, one of the only things that might bother me a little, but so far he hasn’t released anything solid yet. The only thing to go by is an idea he floated in a book years ago and by now I’d disregard that as probably being more or less obsolete. From the sound of it he does still seem to want to adjust taxes (particularly with aspects of the tax laws that allow extremely wealthy Wall Street players, among others, to dodge virtually all taxation of their profits), but I won’t assume it’s going to be unreasonable until I see an up to date outlook expressed by him in the present day.

      His position on abortion seems pretty sincere to. He’s tentatively said that he’s pro-life, but that he thinks the three exceptions (rape, incest, and something else) should apply. That seems like a not so unrealistic shift in perspective, to me. I, personally, am pro-choice, but the I get the impression he doesn’t plan on being to forceful one way or the other on enforcing his own beliefs on that anyways, so for me it’s a non-issue. Imo it’s not really something a President should be concerning himself with anyways, to be honest.

      As far as crony capitalism (i.e. corporatism), I don’t think using the system in place is something he should be faulted for. If anything, I credit him for being smart enough to use the system as is. That’s part of why he says he’s decided to run too though; he says he’s been inside and benefited from the corrupt system we have, from exploiting laws for business reasons to essentially buying politicians, and while he’s not fool enough not to take advantage of it as a businessman, as an American he doesn’t like the corruption.

      I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt when he says things like that because frankly, it seems like he’s past the point of *needing* that system to continue to thrive. His net worth is in the billions and most (if not all) of his companies are doing well. And if he *were* planning to exploit it even more, I don’t think it would be all that smart of him to bring all of it up and make it a part of the national discussion leading up to our next presidential election. So that doesn’t seem very likely to me. If he was really okay with the way our corporatist system worked, all he would have to do is stay out of is and let it stay “business as usual” for the politicians. Instead he’s consistently done the exact opposite.

      That might not change your mind, which is okay with me 😉 , but I figure it can’t hurt to clarify my own understanding of the man and his presidential bid. Political discussions *are* important, in that we agree, but I tend to feel it’s only important when discussing it can actually make a difference. Usually it’s just one crappy choice versus another, but with this… minor differences between candidates, but fundamentally things stay the same regardless of where your vote goes. I still vote because I prefer casting it towards the lesser of the evils available to choose from, but this time it seems like there are the usual various bad choices, and then there’s Trump/ Cut him out of the equation and in my eyes there’s no one to vote for with even the *possibility* that they could change things substantially enough to *make* a real different. So to me, in a set of possible choices that are usually just all varying degrees of bad, Trump is the only one with even the potential to be a good choice.

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      • You’re right, it doesn’t change my mind 🙂 but I appreciate the thoughtful discourse. I’ve seen a lot of just plain ignorance coming from some Trumpsters so it’s nice to see a well reasoned thought process behind your support.

        I’ve not read his books in full but am curious as to what you think after reading them. Let us know…

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    • Oh, and about his books… I’m probably going to be reading most of them. Just started in on “The Art of the Deal” a few days ago. I’m about 90 pages in so far and, honestly, it’s not raising any red flags. In fact if it’s had *any* effect on me thus far, it’s encouraging 🙂 .

      I’m hoping to pick up a few more over the next couple of weeks though.

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    • I’ll try to remember to let you know what I think f his books as I work my way through them 😉 . I’m probably going to skip the “how to get rich” styled ones though. That particular type of book kind of annoys me, it seems that the people that buy them aren’t generally the type that go on to become wealthy. The biographical and philosophical ones are what I’m aiming to get my hands on.

      It didn’t occur to me until about an hour ago, but I realized I completely forgot to address the possibility of him hiring illegal immigrants for his projects. There are only about three things I can think of off the top of my head that you might be thinking of….

      1) Approx. 35 years ago, 200 Polish immigrants who weren’t here legally were the main workforce on a project of his. 2) Recently, it was claimed that because a restaurant (a business leasing space in one of his buildings) was hiring illegal immigrants. 3) One news source (possibly the New York Times, but I can’t remember for sure) did a report a month or two ago claiming he had illegal immigrants working on a current project.

      If you’re referring to number 3, that was bad reporting. There were no names given to the reporters, and when directly asked about it Trump said he’s taken great pains to ensure the contractors he’s been working with haven’t been hiring illegals. He also said that if they had names, if the report was true at all, he wanted the names so he could fire them.

      Nobody produced any and he hasn’t been challenged with that specific allegation since then, so I tend to think it wasn’t true, or that the guys went through a lot of trouble to get past the hiring process, forging or stealing the proof of citizenship, because that’s something he said he made a point of vetting people for (to ensure that they’re either American citizens or legal immigrants).

      If it’s number 2, just because a business leases space in one of his many buildings doesn’t mean the employees of that business are his employees. They work for the business and Trump doesn’t have any direct control, not is it his responsibility (although as far as I know he tries not to let that happen either).

      And if it’s number 3, that was 35 years ago. If you’ve got to look back three and a half decades to find something, then I’d say whatever you found is a whole lot of nothing.

      That’s my understanding of those three anyways, and I would think that with as much as the various media sources (ranging from right-wing FOX to left-wing CNN) like to try to criticize, downplay, and marginalize Trump in the vast majority of their reports, shows, and news articles, if there was something substantial to be found one of his detractors would have found it by now. He’s got a lot of money, but you can’t buy everybody so I doubt he just bought everyone’s silence. To me anyways, there seem to be plenty of people out there who dislike him enough to do theire best to catch him with his pants down if they could, regardless of whatever amount of cash he could conceivably offer.

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      • It was the reporting done recently on the illegals at his job sites. But, I have not looked in to it closely since then so perhaps there is nothing to them. The news as a whole is so horribly sensationlistic and biased that it’s hard to take anything they say seriously. It will be interesting to see how this all (the election) plays out. I think the debates next week will be a game changer for at least a few of the candidates. We shall see!

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  2. If I where living back in the U.S, this guy would get my vote. It´s between him and Dr. Ben Carson. The first one is a showman, but I would give him the benefit of the doubt and see if he does what he says when he is president if he becomes president, but on the flip side I do see exactly that, a showman. But very appealing. And Ben Carson, that guy does seem real genuine and reliable and even though his mild talking I´m sure he didn´t get where he is by being a softy. So it would be a toss between those two.

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    • Carson has said a few things that bother me, but I’m kind of hoping that it narrows down to the three outsiders. Carson, Fiorina, and Trump. I’m not necessarily a big fan of Fiorina, but I think any one of these three are probably better options than the career politicians.

      From there I would think Trump beats both of them, no contest.

      Carson has a few odd ideas on gun control and him saying he “has the same goals as Al Sharpton”, to paraphrase, bothers me more than a little. I believe a person is a person regardless of skin color, but Shartpon seems like a bit of an extremist. That aside though…

      I always think of Trump as a businessman first, a salesman second, and showman third, and when it comes to business he beats Carson easy in the complexities and multiple businesses he’s been at the head of. He knows how to delegate, how to negotiate, and how to delve into the finer details of a detail or a plan without loosing site of the big picture.

      Carson, in contrast, was a surgeon. Still better than a career politician imo, but the delegation was mostly, I think, limited to a small team in surgery, and I imagine he consulted with other doctors on a patients condition or issue before and after plenty of operations, but to me it just pales in comparison to the magnitude of Trumps experience.

      Fiorina made a good chunk of change and may well have been screwed over when she was fired from HP, but the fact is getting fired like that doesn’t look good. Add to that the fact that she lost (and badly) in the only other election she tried to win a while back and it makes her look like, well, a loser. Really bad image to start with, and I don’t know that competence alone is enough to make up for that. Plus imo, it also pales in comparison to Trumps level of experience and overall success in the business and real estate world.

      lol sorry for the lengthy reply… I’ve been mulling it all over a lot, so it just comes spilling out when I start typing. Basically though, I pretty much agree with you. I’m for Trump %100 at the present time and Carson, for me, is a very distant second possibility to consider. He’s soft spoken and in a lot of ways seems to be fairly intelligent, competent, but I’m starting to think that the more people start listening to *what* he says sometimes (rather than the way he’s saying it), they’re likely to get turned off by a fair amount of it.


      • Well good that you had a long reply and that you have been mulling it over a lot because it is your country and the stakes are extremely high. If you keep on with radical socialist policies like the ones this current administration has, the U.S that I once knew is going to turn up more like some European countries,and believe me that is not good. At the end of the day there has to be a top dog to bring some stability in the world and to lead the world, and like it or not the U.S in my opinion has to do that. It may not always be right, but certainly as you can see when your country retreats completely from world stage and delegates to the Europeans to be more involved in geopolitics with rogue nations look what´s happening now with all this Muslim refugees coming to Europe and my country (Spain), and I can argue that is the fault of Obama for his bad foreign policy for his actions and also inactions. I can go on specifics but this would turn into a thesis paper.

        I agree about what you said of Trump, but there is just this part of me that is a bit hesitant as to his reliability that he will actually follow through with doing what he says he will do. Hopefully if he wins and does what he says he is going to do he will be in my humble opinion a good president, and is good that America stops apologising constantly like Obama is doing. America is not perfect, but certainly is the best country there is, so better be proud of that. If I had the chance to go back, I wouldn´t think it twice. And Trump, is a strong leader and hopefully will make America strong again and also important to be respected by the rest of the world. As of right now with Obama you have lost all credibility with not only your European allies but with your foes, you seem week and that is all because of your current president.

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      • Forgot.

        What America does and doesn´t do does affect Europe and my country directly, as with the refugees that I will argue that if you hadn´t pull all the troops out so soon out of Irak this would not have happened. I know it sucks having guys from your country at war, but is necessary.

        So the stakes are not only high for your country when you decide who will be your next president but also for my country.

        If the U.S hadn´t gone to war with Irak I wouldn´t have been there at age 19 with the Spanish Legion. Not that I regret it, just saying that what the U.S does affects the rest. And hopefully you get a candidate that knows what is doing and if war is necessary then the next generation behind me will a very small percentage of them will have to go. I´m too old now for that, and old in the army is being 33.

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