Guilt is Useless

Seriously, fuck guilt. It seems to be a pretty common problem, with writers and, well, everyone else. I know it’s a pain in my ass sometimes. But the title of this post pretty much says it all.

It’s useless.
And don’t go beating yourself up over feeling guilty either.
Just get over it.

That seems to come next with a lot of people and I got sick of doing that to myself a long time ago. Yeah I fucked up or I shouldn’t have done that, or I should have done it… but come on.

You are not perfect. Get the fuck over it.


2 thoughts on “Guilt is Useless

  1. Wise words, one that my father told me long time ago. It sure is pointless I did discover, once you screwed up or didn´t do this or that, is not like your going to get into a travel machine and do or undo the past. So you might as well get on with your life not hitting your head against the wall and do things better hopefully.

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