2 Party Tag Team

Here’s the thing about me and politics… I don’t like the labels people throw around all the time. Lots of them apply to me and I’m not saying they’re entirely useless, but the fact is the political party I’m registered with won’t tell you shit about what I believe in as an American.

The fact that I’m an American pretty much says it all as far as I’m concerned.

Fuck the labels and the prefixes. It goes beyond political bullshit too (an American is an American regardless of their ethnicity imo), but the political aspect is probably going to be more important if I end up talking more about the presidential race or the candidates in it.

A lot of people seem to feel the same way these days too.

You get rhetoric from some of the GOP candidates about how the upcoming election is going to be a battle between liberalism and conservatives, and that’s why you should support him/her, and it’s like… you fuckers just don’t get it, do you. I’m fucking over the two-party tag team system.

I’m sick of the see-sawing politicians. Of bouncing from one ass hat that doesn’t know how to get shit done to another who is just as bad. Sick of politicians who only understand how to pretend like they can make a difference but that simply don’t know how.

That’s another thing I’m probably not alone in thinking either, or in wanting someone who can play both sides ’cause he doesn’t truly belong to either, who is, at bottom, simply an American. Not some jackass grand-stander with a red or blue stamp of approval from fellow politicians, special interest groups, and lobbyists.

Used to think the average citizen (like myself) could do himself a favor and layoff on using them to. A left-wing communist and a right wing religious zealot are, in a nutshell, the general stereotypes for each side, but the truth is probably that a lot of people are have a mixed bag of views like me.

Maybe the biggest difference was that very few of them had a (reasonable) unifying foundation.
The kind that would give their overall view of political issues cohesion beyond the stereotypes.
And now, strangely, I see it bleeding into the way a lot of people are thinking.

Infecting the way they’re looking at our presidential candidates.

Hell, even the stereotypical clowns on both sides of the spectrum can’t seem to help but find themselves in support of people for being non-politicians, capitalists, Americans…

It’s no longer about the party they belong to.

It’s about what they want to do for America, and whether they seem capable. We like to tell ourselves that that’s what we’re looking for in every election but that’s bullsht. Normally, people are more susceptible to buying into the two-party system, in being biased against the other party.

With people running for office that truly live and demonstrate American values, it’s blurring the line between Democrat and Republican. It’s revealing the underlying values that tie us all together as Americans.

Am Voting for Donald Trump, The American Candidate.


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