A Writers Work Ethic

A lot of people say you ought to treat your writing like a job. Regular start time, daily routines, and the discipline to write even when you don’t feel like it. A lot of fairly successful authors say it too.

On the face of it, sure, it sounds like a fine idea. The problem is… why the fuck would I be doing this if it felt like work? For me, even when it’s work it needs to feel mostly like play. I don’t like following a rigid schedule, and I don’t like planning out my day more than I absolutely have to.


2 thoughts on “A Writers Work Ethic

  1. for me, it’s about making it achievable. Two pages a day adds up, when it sucks it’s a short time, when it’s going really well I have developed the ability to detach myself from the inconstant enthusiasm and use it to develop discipline. The use of ‘work’, to me, is about having discipline like scales on a guitar or practicing a card trick over and over, enjoying the failures as much as the successes.

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    • Fair point haha 🙂 . I just suck at being disciplined in my approach, at least over the long term. When I get going I usually build quite a bit of momentum, but then I get bored or disinterested for a while.


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