Lashing Out at Carson

Haha, well, not really, but…

Ben Carson’s backstory has been questioned over the last day or so and part of his response had me scratching my head at the ass-backwards logic he has to be using. The part I’m talking about is: “I do not remember this level of scrutiny for one President Barack Obama when he was running. In fact, I remember just the opposite,” Carson said. “I remember people saying, ‘Oh, we won’t talk about that.'” Take a second to think about that statement.

He’s speaking as a guy that’s not happy with Obama’s presidency, but at the same time saying that because the media didn’t vet our current President as thoroughly, his past shouldn’t be questioned either. If he feels that a) Obama got a free pass from the news media back when he was campaigning, b) that the free pass was a contributing factor to Obama’s wins for each term, and c) that Obama is a bad president…. Should Carson really even want a pass?

Let alone expect one? I mean really, is that a valid argument for him to be making?

He feels that since they erroneously ignored certain aspects of Obama’s career and administration, they should also ignore inconsistencies with his life story? A kind of “well you guys fucked up and didn’t vet the other guy like this, but you should treat me the same even though it might mean fucking up again”. Doesn’t that seem a little… off? It’s a rhetorical question too; I don’t need an answer ’cause it’s pretty obvious what a ‘foot in mouth’ remark that was.

I’m not really even a Carson hater, but man… what a stupid fucking thing to say.


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