Violent Words

Writing a new post is kind of like taking that first swing in a fight. You might have a little trouble working up to it, especially if you lack the experience or you’re out of practice, but if you know what’s coming it’s better to swing. Waiting for the other guy to hit you first is just going to put you at a bad disadvantage – a lesson I haven’t yet learned as well as I should, btw.

The need to write, the desire, that’s the awareness of what’s coming.

The writing and not getting words to come out just right, perfect, that’s one of the punches probably coming your way. Hitting that publish button anyways is one way you can hit first, before the inadequacy of your post has an impact. It’s still going to hit you, but throwing the first punch puts you at an advantage, maybe frees you up to land a few more, and it can lessen the blow of not having written the perfect combination of words you might have hoped for.

I don’t know if this post came out quite the way I wanted it to. I’m publishing it anyways.


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