The Beauty of Art

The beautiful thing about art, I think, is that it cannot get boring. Or to say it more accurately…

If you get bored you’re doing something wrong. Tired of a story line? Introduce another, or entertain yourself with an entirely separate story. Tired of writing? Go find a book worth reading, go watch a masterfully crafted show. The ones with more a more versatile skill set have all the more possibilities at their finger tips. The music makers and the painters, the sideshow performers and the dancers. I myself don’t have any talent for those, not an ounce of talent.

Still, even with such a narrow scope of potential experimentation boredom is just a symptom of doing something wrong. Writing a story is supposed to be fun. Writing a post like this is supposed to be enjoyable. And not because other people say so, though that’s usually what “supposed to” means. No, it’s supposed to be enjoyable because I say so, and that right there is another beautiful thing about art. I say it should be enjoyable, satisfying, a pleasure. It should be however I say it should be. See the kind of freedom that gives me? I can do anything through this medium, anything at all. That might sound grandiose but it’s just fact.

You get to play god, what you say goes, and what you say can always change as you please. But beyond that, haven’t you ever been just absolutely dazzled by someone or something that wasn’t even real? Filled with awe or admiration? Instilled with some sense of satisfaction at how wholesome a set of events seemed once the story reached its end? I know I have. I’ve talked about a few here before, actually. Talked about how stories are sorcery. And they’re not the only form of magic either. This right here, what you’re reading, this is magic. This is me capturing my words, shaping them into coherent sentences, paragraphs, meanings, and relaying them to the world.

I do it in such a way that more and more people take notice. If you know anything about magic… you know exactly what that means. I have an intention and reality bends to that intent.

I mean… do you understand what kind of power that is? Just to be heard?

It opens up the possibility of agreement, argument, it can inspire feelings and even actions (none of which I take any legal credit for because, well, I practically advocate for drug use and a reasonable level of violence, but still…). It allows for a sort of god complex, and at the same time… it has nothing to do with the god in question. Like I said, I’m not responsible for what people do with my words. I don’t have to take ownership of someone doing rails of coke all night even though I think that’s a lovely thing to do with a night. I get to play at being a god with none of the responsibilities a position like that would really entail. It’s all illusion.

You don’t have to listen, but all too often people do. I want them to and I’m clever.

As are most other people that publish books or post on blogs to thousands of subscribers.


4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Art

    • Ah, see on that point we differ a little bit. I don’t believe in any gods but the ones we can become if we’re true to ourselves and are tenacious in realizing our dreams. As you say though, it comes down to the magic, or the divinity, of creation and how awesome it is that we’re capable of that 🙂 . That’s common ground we can definitely agree on.


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