Anti-Trump Bias

So I saw this on twitter…

And on a whim I decided to tweet a reply…

Her response to that was to block me, so I replied one to that too…

It seemed pretty funny to me tbh, so I thought I’d share it here.

Oh, and I also tweeted this shortly after…

Mostly because of how rude it seemed to me to not only call me a racist (along with a lot of other people) without knowing so much as my name, but to block me for the one negligent, three-word remark I replied with. It’s amazing how biased, close-minded, and downright rude some people are towards Donald Trump and people who support or believe in him. Not that I’m really bothered with it, but generally they claim themselves to be the tolerant ones.

If you ask me, actions speak louder than words, so I thought I’d share some of hers.


12 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Bias

  1. I applaud your efforts here! I am not a Trump supporter and will happily take the time to debate anyone who is but I would never claim they or you are racist and/or unworthy if discussion because of your support for Trump. That to me is a sign of a dangerously closed mind and the last thing our society of free and open elections should stand for. Gosh it’s scary that this even happened but not at all surprising in the times we live in.

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    • Haha yeah, my thoughts exactly. I’m always willing to talk it over if someone wants to, but apparently she wasn’t. lol I guess I can’t say she didn’t warn people about how close-minded she was though; after all, the tweet I replied to in the first place started off in a really closed off, narrow minded way to begin with.

      Oh well though, c’est la vie.

      “I applaud your efforts here!”

      Thank you 🙂 .

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    • Yeah. There are still plenty of people out there willing to be reasonable in their approach though. I happen to be an enthusiastic supporter of Trump, but I try not to assume out of hand (let alone make a point of shouting it loud and proud) that everyone who disagrees with me must obviously be an idiot. I wouldn’t have even replied to her tweet except that it’s just so… well, bigoted. Which is what she accuses all Trump supporters of being.

      If I don’t feel like talking it over or me and someone else reach an impasse in a conversation about it, I’ll just say I’m not interested in discussing it anymore (although usually it’s the other person who bows out). And either way, I just habitually take a reasoned approach, which works out well ’cause both sides (me and the other person) usually have no reason or ’cause for forgetting or tossing aside our manners.

      It is too bad though, because it’s present on both sides of any given issue. Some people who intend on voting for Trump are just as bad as this woman, dismissing critics and, for lack of a better term, ‘haters’ as “libtards” lol. *shrugs* Like I said to Tricia though…

      C’est la vie 🙂 .

      Doesn’t bother me any, except for it being sad and more than a little, well, comical.

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      • Well, it’s a rather long list I’m afraid. The worst I believe is that he’s a racist who either out right lies or doesn’t bother to get his facts straight. For me, the latest example of this is the crime statistics of attacks committed by blacks and whites he retweeted. It turns out that this graph was put together by a white supremacist group.The other example is his insisting that he saw “thousands and thousands ” of Muslim Americans in NJ cheering on 9/11. This has been proven to be an urban myth. He stokes the base fears of people and whips them into a frenzy. There are many other reasons I could go into such as he is a bully and a megalomaniac, but I don’t want to bore you. Let’s just say that I personally believe a President Trump would be the absolutely worst thing for this country.

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    • Well, I can address a few of those. Some of them I either don’t know about or just heard about tonight though, so I haven’t gotten a chance to look into or really research them…

      “The worst I believe is that he’s a racist who either out right lies or doesn’t bother to get his facts straight.”

      I myself haven’t seen much evidence of that, if any.

      The crime statistics you mention could be the exception, but that’s one of the things I haven’t looked into yet; my grandfather told me he saw a few articles about it online so I was (and still am) planning to see what I can find out about it myself. The example of Muslim Americans cheering isn’t an urban myth though, as far as I know. I was pretty young when that happened, but I know a lot of people who remember exactly what Trump described in no uncertain terms. I also know numerous media outlets covered it at the time; Trump even cited a source in the last rally he was at. What’s more is, as I understand it, it wasn’t just the day of 9/11, but several days after. *shrugs* A lot of people credible to me personally say it happened (not for their political views, but because they don’t lie often and/or they’ve got no reason to). I’d prefer and will probably look for footage ’cause there’s bound to be some on the web if it happened, but I find it hard to believe it’s an urban myth when so many sources (some fairly credible imo) say it happened.

      As far as bullying… more often than not, he’s insulted first. Some of the most inflammatory remarks have been made in response to equally inflammatory remarks on the part of the person he’s insulting. Case in point being Rosie O’Donell, who insulted not only Trump, but his family too, on television. His remarks towards her were fair play in my book ’cause, well, she started it. And a little name-calling between full-grown adults, even unprovoked (as is often the case with remarks towards him) aren’t really bullying imho, unless those adults expect me to worry that they might have gotten their feelings hurt… like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul to name a few. That goes both ways too; I don’t really have a problem with people hurling unprovoked insults at Trump. He’s a big boy haha, he ought to be able to handle it. I probably can’t change your mind, but… eh, doesn’t hurt to have a diologue 😀 .

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      • Well, as far as 9/11 goes there definitely weren’t “thousands and thousands” (Mr. Trumps words, not mine) of Muslim Americans cheering. There might have been a few, but let’s face it, whenever something bad happens in this country there are a few who seem to revel in it. This is something that Mr. Trump has over-embellished. I’m not going to go on and on, because it’s obvious that both our minds are set. But you’re right. It’s nice to have a dialogue.

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  2. I judge Trump supporters too, but were I to go so far as to troll them I’d certainly stick around to abuse them in the replies section. Or maybe I wouldn’t; it’s not very sporting, like hunting cow. Or fish in a barrel.

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    • Haha I wonder what you think of me then. I’m not exactly easy prey 😀 .

      Why do you judge Trump supporters though? Do you think the woman who blocked me is right, or are there other issues you have with Trump and people who back him? I have a few issues myself with some of the Trump supporters ’cause they can be just as bad about pre-judging and, well, talking out of their ass, but there are people who are like that on both sides of any issue. I, and plenty of other people, tend to take a more reasoned (and informed) tact.

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      • I’m being a bit tongue in cheek about “judging,” and I understand the visceral appeal of a guy like Trump, who is wildly entertaining, but as a potential leader of a diverse nation he’s a train wreck of hollow demagoguery and narcissism who brings to mind some of the worst characters of the latter 20th Century, such as (but not limited to) McGovern, McCarthy, and more recently Buchanan–guys who knew how to stoke the fear, anger, and frustrations of people in order to benefit their own dubious aspirations. I look at Trump, and I see an extremely captivating salesman who offers no ideas, no policy, no solutions–a guy who wants to be president because it’s the biggest stage out there, and the last trophy for him to bag. I may be proven wrong, and I’m certainly unenthusiastic about the entire field, but I don’t believe Trump is any more suited than am I. In fact, in at least one way we share our primary qualification for the job: we’re both big windbags: Trump’s suits are a lot better than mine, though, so advantage: him.


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