College is Over-Rated

The perceived need for college annoys the shit out of me.

I might go sometime in the next decade or so but I can’t stand the idea of being sucked into the one track trajectory. It’s “higher” education; that’s to say, I’ve always seen it as being an extra, a possible add-on to the mandatory years of schooling. Not an essential one. Most jobs that require degrees really shouldn’t, not when college tuition costs as much as it does, and not when you can learn what you need to with on the job training in a matter of days. It’s not that I have anything against continued education in and of itself either, in fact I think it’s a great idea.

Just not to the point of it becoming a new standard, something you have to go through (like high school) just so you can get a half-way decent job. It should be for people with a powerful desire for learning more and gaining skills in something they’re passionate about, but even when that’s the case it often seems to get overshadowed by its role as the first step in a career. It doesn’t need to be about joining the rat race, and it certainly shouldn’t be regarded as necessary to getting a halfway decent job. Something people who think it’s alright the way it is should consider…

That’s another sizable chunk of my life you seem to want me to throw away, and I don’t want to. That’s a chunk of the lives of a bunch of other people, and quite a few of them don’t want to either. The vast majority of them seem willing to do that, but if anyone thinks I’m going to…

They can kiss my ass.

If I go, it’s going to be for something I want.

Not because I feel it’s a necessary bare minimum thing to do, but because it serves a direct purpose in achieving something I want. It has to serve a real, personal purpose, or it’s pointless. Because the conventional reasons don’t count. They’re stupid, mindless normalities that have developed in our culture for whatever reason, and I won’t allow my life to be dictated by that.

The reality is, I lack a “higher” education and can still match or exceed any graduate when it comes to dealing with life, making common sense judgments and decisions, and achieving whatever goals I might happen to have at any given time. College, imho, needs to be put in perspective. It’s not useless, but in the best case scenarios the only purpose it serves is career and skill oriented.

If you want to pursue a specific career, it can be useful in acquiring some of the skills you might need. Even that is limited though, because not all jobs require years of “higher education” to do effectively. I’d go as far as to say even the more “skilled labor” jobs out there, in which a college degree is commonly a prerequisite, can just as easily be done by people via on the job training.

College is great as a means to an end, so long as you have a heartfelt end in mind. Even in that though, it needs to be put in perspective. The current system and cultural valuation of college doesn’t make that easy these days, but it doesn’t make sense to me to approach it any differently. I say go ahead and get a “higher” education, but only if it directly serves your own passions.

Otherwise it’s just a waste of time and money…

A waste of the limited time you get to be alive.


2 thoughts on “College is Over-Rated

  1. the most recent studies show that an entry level job without university or college credential requirements, will pay a college graduate approximately $20,000 more than a person with a high school diploma alone. positions requiring further education, mean a higher starting salary plus the ability to cap at a much higher rate over a much shorter time span. so while on the job training at a trade can result in the same achievement as a college diploma plus experience, it would take 10 years longer to be where would could have started at, with one. education is an investment in your earning potential and future and is considered ‘good debt’ by the financial institutions. of course it’s not for everyone.some people can get by with earning less and have fewer material needs than others.

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    • I’m aware of the studies, but to me the reality those studies reflect is exactly the problem. That, plus the investment isn’t the sure thing almost everyone expects it to be. The movement now, it seems to me, is to try to make it more in line with those ridiculous expectations. On a federal level, I understand Hillary Clinton would want to work towards that via tax-payer money, but it’s not a right, it’s a privilege.

      I just think… there are so many things wrong with the way modern society thinks about and approaches it that I have a hard time figuring out where to begin. The quote I just posted might be as good a place to start as any though…

      “Only a minority can succeed at the game of life, and that minority inevitably arouses the envy of those around them.” ~Robert Greene

      Beyond that though, college shouldn’t be such an essential future earnings investment, ’cause what I’m trying to get at is, a great deal of the jobs that require college degrees right now (and that usually don’t provide on the job training, usually not in addition to, and never as an alternative) should not be requiring the investment before you can work for them. The job just doesn’t require it in actual practice, in actual work.

      I might also offer too, as a sort of counter-point to the studies you bring up, that there’s also the statistics on how many ultra-wealthy mean and women tend to be either high school graduates or college drop-outs. I forget the percentages, but I know it’s surprisingly high. It doesn’t always pay to play the game as the general opinion or cultural norms try to dictate. Those statistics aren’t a good justification for someone to drop out or anything either, but conversely the studies you put forward aren’t a good enough justification for going in imo.

      That’s my take anyways. I might not agree with or put much stock in those studies, but I appreciate you sharing them 🙂 . One thing that’s nice about it (besides you caring enough to leave a comment) is it adds to what other people can get out of this post if they scroll down and read the comments. People can and should take those studies (and a number of other pieces of information) into consideration imo 😀 .


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