Make Yourself Known (Pt. 2)

Not everyone wants to be famous, not everyone wants the public to watch as their life unfolds.

That’s fine, but what I’m saying still applies. I mentioned staff meetings and writings stories in Pt. 1… Those are pretty small scale, pretty average. The writing is even pretty well confined to introversion, to the internal battle and how you present what you have. I point that out because the scale doesn’t matter. Whatever kind of life you want to live, it’s going to be a better life, a life more true to yourself, if you don’t censor yourself. The costs are nothing compared to the gains.

It might seem a little nerve-wracking if you’re working with a team or serving on the board of your neighborhoods association and you have an opinion the other members won’t like. You need to say it anyways, because it might be the difference between big fuck-ups and due diligence. Between damaging the community you live in out of cowardice, and doing right by it. Beyond that too, it will mean the difference between doing a disservice to yourself doing yourself a favor.

Make it a habit and you’ll be living a life on your terms. Not a perfect life, and you won’t always be in a winning position (though you shouldn’t let that stop you from trying to win). But it’ll be an authentic life and what you believe will start to be reflected in the world all around you.


One thought on “Make Yourself Known (Pt. 2)

  1. […] It’s funny how much your “likes” or followers can fluctuate on social media, especially if you say things some people disagree with. If you have a different opinion, all the sudden you’re not worth following. That’s fine too, I just can’t help but smile when the number of Facebook likes dips below 350 because I support Trump, or because I have a problem with illegal immigration, or because I believe in the value and importance of 2nd Amendment rights. It kind of goes to the point I was making in the posts I wrote here about making yourself known (1 & 2). […]


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