Make Yourself Known

You have to say what you believe.

In order to get anywhere in life, anywhere that matters, you have to do that. The belief part isn’t even much worth talking about to someone like me either; what you believe doesn’t matter, being concerned about whether it’s honest doesn’t factor in. Not because I’m dishonest and not because it doesn’t matter, but because I know what I think about this or that. I know where I stand.

Things like that aren’t a concern.

What’s important is having the spine to say it when it counts, to show people, to show the world, where you stand. You already know what you believe too. In a staff meeting with co-workers, with supervisors, you know what you think about your work place, your co-workers, your bosses.

Writers; finishing a story you think turned out well, you know you like it, you know you think it’s great. You don’t need to eat any humble pie; that’ll come all on it’s own if it bombs, or if someone criticizes it and you agree with them. Until that happens though, you’ve got no reason to chip away at your own confidence in the things you believe in. You don’t need the self-sabotage.

You need to not be afraid to fucking say it.

Especially if you have any aspirations whatsoever of building a public presence. The world won’t care to know you if you can’t even work up the nerve to show it who you are and where you stand.


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