Cruz is Still a Politician

I get the appeal Cruz has to some people, but anti-establishment or not, he’s still a political animal. The existing way of doing things is what he’s used to working within, so even if he didn’t come off as more of an actor than anything else – his highly refined speaking skills come off as too refined, so they’re a turn off to me – he’s accustomed to working within and being confined by the current way of doing things. The current environment in Washington, in Congress.

Trump, in contrast, is accustomed to barreling through opposition in any way he can, in a completely different context, and I think when it’s applied in a political context it’s a hell of a lot more effective than anything a politician could even think to do. Because they don’t think about the “how” in the same way as someone like Trump does. The way he’s dominated the race and exploited the media over these last few months, since he announced his candidacy…

Is direct evidence of why I would trust him to get things done effectively over any politician.

Ted Cruz included.


4 thoughts on “Cruz is Still a Politician

  1. I disagree. I think Cruz knows how to play the game, but doesn’t really want to. He’s polished because he understands that it’s how the world works and accepts greatness. He’s working not within the confines of his own business, but within the bureaucratic nightmare daily. My impression is he walks that tightrope with precision and disdain.

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    • We may not disagree as much as you think…

      I respect the very elements you bring up, but to me they all lead into being very much the politician, and in terms of results, he’s shown he’s willing to stand up for what he was elected to do, and he’s shown he’s wiling to be despised by his (mostly idiot) colleagues for it. That, I can get behind. But… to give an example of what I’m talking about, he *was* for legalization of illegal immigrants. He can (and does) say that it was only as an alternative to the proposals for amnesty being put forward at the time, and that he’s ultimately on the same side of the issue as Trump, but he’s not. Not by a mile. Up until Trump’s infamous announcement of his candidacy, (legalization of most instead of amnesty for all) that was as close as you could get from any politician. The problem with that is, it’s code for (well, I don’t want to say amnesty, I don’t even really want it, but since I can’t stop it I’ll just slow it down.” It’s the slowest slope toward amnesty, but it still leads there. No one, really, was against it until Trump came along. They gave lip service occasionally (and were generally blasted by media pundits and left leaning peers), but no one ever said they were going to stop the eventual granting of amnesty .Just that they would (maybe) try to slow it down by adding in an extra step or two (steps that they *still* probably won’t acknowledge would eventually lead to that outcome). So Cruz was perhaps one of the least enthusiastic about it, one of the biggest slow-walkers, but his opposition, the position he had previously taken on illegal immigration, wasn’t *real* opposition in my honest opinion.

      He changed his stance to make himself more appealing after, and only after, it became clear how much support Trump had garnered by taking the hard line position he did on day one of his campaign. Now, he’s trying to appropriate the idea of a wall. Trump’s idea.

      I don’t like that for those reasons, and for the likelihood that in terms of actual construction, actual efficient spending, oversight, accountability, and keeping things on schedule, there isn’t a single politician running against Trump that could do better than him. Cruz could probably do better on those points than a lot of the other candidates, but no matter what people think of Trump… that’s a huge element of what the guy does for a living. He has a proven track record.

      And the biggest thing is…

      It goes to what I was saying about getting things done. Cruz has proven he can and will stand by his principles and positions, but what has he accomplished? What actually came, in terms of results, of his reading of Green Eggs and Ham? He walks the tightrope, but that he’s on that tightrope and that’s the approach he knows is exactly the problem. He might not like it, and I can understand that, but he’s still very much in the circus of congress walking that rope. Trump isn’t, hasn’t been, and doesn’t think in terms of someone who is.

      Beyond that is, in taking the stance Cruz has in the context of a Senator pitted against other politicians, within that dynamic, he has exposure to all those other politicians, a history has developed. A lot of them don’t like him, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that dislike were to play out in the same way it has with Obama. Partisan, contentious dealings with congress, deadlock for both sides on way to many issues, and not getting anything done. Trump, in contrast, might throw insults around freely, but even the people he insults have no personal history or visceral animosity towards him, and at the end of the day, it’s clear that while Trump will loudly and publicly say what he thinks of you, he will also still work with you and go through you as needed (and he’ll use his pubic insult sprees, among other tools, as leverage in a way that no one in politics is able to do, not even the current President). He’ll work with people he doesn’t like or agree with if he has to, and I think a fair number of people who don’t like him know that.

      So to me, he’s a lot more likely to get results in that respect too.

      Just my take anyways 🙂 .

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      • I respect your idea that, in essence, Trump can get things done, has, and will while Cruz enjoys the game and will bluster along not accomplishing as much (which, perhaps is why I identify with him). That being said, when Trump joined the race I immediately had the impression he was only in it to fire up the opposition to our socialist tract and would bow out later as he really isn’t interested in the job. I waver on my early impression, but still wonder if Trump is offering a calculated and crafty run in name only. Either way, I prefer capitalism to socialism and will cast my vote with that in mind.

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