Disorders Aren’t That Important

With all the disorders out there, and the people using their blog as a disorder-centric outlet, I occasionally wonder,  with all these prescriptions and psychiatrists, these imbalances and rectifiers, how do you know where your disorder ends and you begin?

Giving so much of an emphasis to it as a part of ones life… doesn’t that run the risk of making it harder, maybe impossible, to ever answer that question? I guess at bottom, what I wonder about it is why not just be yourself? Instead of titling the site for a disorder or telling people about it…

Why not just mention it as needed, and focus instead on whatever it is that gives you satisfaction? Some people need to move through a phase, a sort of…

Well, a stage of development, I guess you could call it, in which they fully wrap their minds around their own characteristics and the implications of having them, but everyone needs to do that. Everyone, to some degree, does do that. In that sense, a “disorder” isn’t really anything special.


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