Shed Your Skin

We get comfortable with the way things are, attached to what we know, glad for the solace of a sure thing. The kicker is, the “sure thing” isn’t all that great. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. Not a whole lot of people admit it to themselves, but on some level we know it’s going to end, to fall apart, or get boring. Or that it already has.

Maybe we just don’t like thinking about how it’s going to feel when it’s no longer the same as what we know and love. Or maybe we define ourselves by these things, a sort of anchor to help us feel like we know who we are. To feel more in control, even if that sense of control its only an illusion. There’s not much benefit to this though. In and of itself, the whole thing is boring.

snake1It makes existing boring.

Never be afraid to reinvent yourself.

Never be afraid to shed your skin.

Whatever you do moving forward from that will always benefit from the loss of dead weight. That doesn’t guarantee it’ll be all good, but at least it’ll be more fun. That counts for a lot in my opinion.

That’s the mentality that was behind changing the name of this site a few times over the last week or so. None of the variations I tried felt right to me but who knows, maybe in the next few days or weeks you’ll see a new heading at the top of my blog. And then again, maybe not; that’s the beauty of not actually being a snake. Whenever I shed my skin, what wasn’t dead will grow back again.


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