Promote Yourself?

The last post, the reblog, was my first real post at a new site. Instead of quoting the about page, I think a comment I left for a couple other bloggers before it launched, slightly reworked, might be more appropriate. It’s an open invitation, after all, to anyone who happens upon the site, and…

To anyone reading this post.

Would you, by chance, be interested in sharing your writings on a new site put together mainly to help other writers gain more exposure and a wider audience? The material doesn’t have to be original – you’re free to use content already published on you own website – and links to your own site are something we plan on encouraging. I for one am probably going to “sign” all of my posts with my name, links to here and to Sparks of Insanity, and to all my social media accounts.

Nice and tidy at the end of each post. The idea is, in a sense, to create a sort of networking and cross-promotion hub, but instead of being explicitly for that purpose we want to allow people to promote themselves through their actual content instead of just positive reviews, reblogs, etc.

The networking isn’t something contributors have to worry about either.

The incentive for featuring material there is that I will be doing the footwork of building the platform and expanding the network for the people who sign on as contributors. If it sounds like something you might want to take part in, we would be glad to have your writing featured there. The link, if you’re interested in checking it out:

The deal to sign on, in a nutshell, is self promotion, a wider platform, and…

No price tag, no strings, and no restrictions.

You can comment here on this post, or on the About page at Sutter Press if you are interested.


3 thoughts on “Promote Yourself?

  1. Greetings fellow blogger! In the ‘3 Days 3 Poems Challenge’, nominees shall post 3 different poems (This could be your own, or your favourite ones written by other poets. It doesn’t matter—the only requirement is that all poetry must be accredited unless anonymous.) for 3 days consecutively.

    You are one of my 3 nominees for the challenge today, so I hope you can kindly complete the challenge by enlightening the world with 3 poems!


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