Hair of the Dog

Another piece of flash fiction, by yours truly, published on Sutter Press…

Sutter Press

‘I wanted to kill myself a week ago. Now all I want to do is live.’

Sitting on the last step at his front door, holding a a .45 calibur handgun in the same hand he rests his head in, this is all he can think about. The contrast between then, only a short time ago, and now, empowered and electric for the revelation he’s had since then.

‘Soon. I have to do it again soon. This is why I’m still breathing… this is why I was born.’

The dog he always pretended to love is in the house now, and it’s in pieces. From beginning to end, the process of hacking it up was messy. In the same way that a boy gets covered in mud while he plays and can’t be bothered to mind the mess, especially for all the fun he’s had while making it, Henry isn’t…

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