Freedom of Speech

This might seem related to an exchange in my last post, or to the manner in which Trump has run his campaign and expressed his positions, but it’s really not. It’s just about free speech in general.


My agreement relates to both of those things, and to the college campus phenomenon, but to me this is just a broad and encompassing statement on the nature of free speech. I don’t think I need to add anything to it either, honestly. The only 3rd option, it seems to me, is suppression.

That’s something I’m not really okay with, so this FB find is pretty damn accurate in my opinion.


3 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech

  1. I love this. I just had a weird conversation with someone about her and another friend having a heated argument about some political thought. She was trying to make the point that NOT bringing these subjects up was the solution. She thought it was not the thing to do because they argued. I said it was a good thing they had the argument because now they know where each other stands and what to stay away from if they want to remain friends. She agreed but only because it is what they’re doing – staying off the topic now because the friendship isn’t about their politics.
    I see more often than not that people choose to be cowardly more than they are willing to speak their mind, test their own beliefs and possibly be “wrong” or in need of adjustment. It’s irritating because that approach has no growth potential and it’d spineless, imo.

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    • It’s definitely a weird response, I think… I’ve encountered that too, to where someone decides to say, ” well, let’s just not talk about that,” and I don’t like that approach at all.

      The argument I make in terms of Trump supposedly being a divider (on my mind a bit ’cause I wrote 3/4ths of a post on it a week or two ago, just haven’t finished or posted it…) is based on my outlook as it relates to free speech: critics point to the subject matter he raises, the way he raises it, or something along those lines, and points to it as evidence that he’s dividing people. Polarization and disagreement aren’t the same thing as being divided, and unity is not a synonym for across the board agreement; to me, even if being brought together means argument, it’s still creating a conversation. Trump is an example I point to ’cause (as you know) I like him, but it’s also because to me it illustrates the way free speech is supposed to work, and it illustrates true unity. People with radically different opinions who would otherwise avoid one another are clashing together, and even the less receptive or open minded among people on each side of a given issue are being *exposed* to other opinions, outlooks that are different to their own. To me, that’s unifying, and that’s free speech in practice, and I love it. Haha, that’s just to give an example though, and the beauty of it, of course, is that we might not even agree on it, but…

      There’s another one I uploaded a while ago but I can’t remember if I used it in a post or not, but I think the link will take you to it either way: I saved that a while back because it’s another way of saying what the above pic in this post says… Free speech by it’s very nature inherently brings with it the possibility of getting offended, and that suppression is not a good way to go for anyone at all interested in growth, learning, or even in terms of developing the courage to take a stance, and to maybe, just maybe, be wrong from time to time…. It’s definitely good, I think, to practice and to have an opinion, because it *does* help people to learn, to hone their opinions, to see how they hold up when compared to other opinions, and how they hold up to reality itself… lol I think I’m starting to ramble now though. Suffice it to say, I’m glad you liked it 😀 , I thought it was an awesome pic when I came across it.

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