Super Saturday Outcome

I found the Kansas win (for Cruz) pretty hard to believe, but overall it doesn’t matter.

Trump still gets a share of the Kansas delegates. I think Cruz only gets like 11 more than him from Kansas, and Maine is only worth like 23, which I think were split between Cruz, Trump, and Kasich. Kasich only got 2, and I think Cruz got about 10 or 12. I’m pretty sure Trump got the rest, and he’s winning in Louisiana and Kentucky, both high on the amount of delegates they have.

All in all, Donald Trump is in better shape against Cruz than Clinton is against Sanders, which says a lot when you consider Hillary is still considered a shoe in. If she does worse against Sanders in a two man race than Trump does against Cruz in a four man race, how could Trump not win? Especially if Trump goes and wins Florida… well, he’ll almost definitely get the nomination.


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