Dear Ted…

This isn’t actually a letter to Ted Cruz, mainly because he wouldn’t care about what I have to say anyways, and partly because I don’t care for the “letter to so-and-so” format. I would, however, love to extend my thanks to him all the same for proving that this…

…and this…

…to be absolutely true.

In blaming Trump for the violence and the obnoxiousness of the protesters, he made it clear that he doesn’t actually care about the constitution. If he did, he might think that Trump’s 1st Amendment rights mattered, and that the rights of the rally goers to peacefully assemble at a Trump rally mattered. Instead, he’s siding with the protesters and trying to score political points.

Strange how he didn’t see the immense backfire coming, since the people he’s been trying to appeal to are, by and large, enthusiastic fans of the constitution. I guess it didn’t occur to him that the small base he’s carved out, many of them constitutionalists, actually believe in free speech. The fact is, what happened in Chicago was horrible. Those protesters were aggressive, vulgar, and in many cases violent. People have a right to protest Trump rallies, sure, but…

If they can’t respect the rights of their fellow Americans, if they’re actively trying to infringe on those rights, then why the hell should we listen to anything they have to say? Especially when so much of it is baseless. I’ve asked, sometimes in response to trolling from people who absolutely hate Trump, what’s one example of “hate speech”? Just one.

99% of the time, I can’t get an answer.
And if I do, if I get one of those rare replies, don’t think I won’t or don’t follow up.
I can, I have, and I will.


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