The “Write” Approach

That thing people say, that you just need to sit your ass down and write

They’re not wrong.

Process, techniques, the “how-to”, are popular things to talk about. Some want to express their approach to others. Some just want to explore their own methods so they write it out, try to bring order and understanding to it. I myself usually try to avoid that, but only because there’s no pinning down a method. Sometimes the words just fly, they come out more or less the way I want them to. Other times the vision I have in my mind’s eye, the progression, the characters…

They just don’t come out clearly. They fail to translate well from my imagination into the reality of a computer screen or a page. When that happens I wait and while I’m waiting I occasionally write-up posts like this. On the one hand, sure, I should probably try getting something going on the fiction front. Anyone subscribed to Sparks of Insanity will know that I post there sporadically at best. In other words, I am a poor example of a “writer”. An amateur so far, a hobbyist.

That really doesn’t get to me most of the time though. When I think about the kind of response my work seems to get, fragmented and open-ended though it is, I don’t mind waiting. And I don’t mind the nagging pressure that builds when I haven’t written anything worthwhile for days. For what I usually get out of it by the time I sit my ass down and write something, it’s worth it.


4 thoughts on “The “Write” Approach

    • I think one thing people seem to struggle with is, when they’re not flowing easily they don’t know what to do about it. I don’t know if I really “know” exactly either, I just do what I do and when I’m out of energy for it, or low, I cope the best I can. Which often means writing anyways, just in a way that ends up being a little different. Like you said, sometimes I’m on a roll, others, I post what I post, even if they’re a little shorter, a little simple. Nothing wrong with changing things up every now and then, for one, and nothing wrong with briefness either, for two 🙂 .

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  1. Once I get an idea for a post, it’s fairly easy to sit my ass down and write. But getting those ideas is tough most days. Half the time I think my posts are total crap and then I’m pleasantly surprised to find my readers like them. Other times, I think I’ve written a masterpiece, and almost no one reads or comments. So now I pretty much just write what I feel like writing, when I feel like it, and let the chips fall where they may.

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    • Yeah it’s kind of funny sometimes, how I think a post is great and no one seems interested, and other times I think it’s just passable, just barely “done” enough to go ahead and publish, and it ends up with the most likes or ends up getting shared all over facebook. This:

      “So now I pretty much just write what I feel like writing, when I feel like it, and let the chips fall where they may.”

      Is pretty much the only way to really go, imho 😀 .

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