Ode to the Art

For some people it’s painting, for others it’s poetry. Even in the most unexpected places you can find artists at work; politics, investments, real estate, basketball, cooking, and, well…

The list could go on forever.

In every kind of trade or activity you can find people talented or skilled enough in something that it becomes, for them, pure artistry. For me it’s writing, and I suspect the reasons I love it so, and the reasons behind my always coming back to it, are much the same with any other art form.

The nice thing about writing is, no matter what I’m doing, what I’m reading, thinking about…

No matter where my head’s at, I can always do something with it through writing. If I’m absorbed in the current political affairs, I can write about it. If I’m at an impasse, I can write about it. If I’m bored or if I’m making shit up in my head anyways, I can sit down and write some of it out.

So I reinvent myself sometimes, revamp my blog, switch up the things I’m talking about. I take the occasional break too, but I don’t like to and if I never ran out of steam, I’d never fucking stop. I’d write every day, for hours a day, and I’d publish at least half of it here or on Sparks of Insanity.

Anything about it (or me) can change, but always, I come back to it anyways.

I probably always will.


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