Write Constantly

One thing that makes writing easier: remembering that one story, one piece of flash fiction, one blog post, just isn’t that important. Knowing that no one piece of writing is going to make or break you. Not by itself. It’s the accumulation of them and the culmination.

If you’ve put together a thousand words five hundred times, the five hundred and first is bound to be better than the first hundred. That’s even more true if you’ve written them all in close succession. Given that, my advice to any would be writer would be to write constantly.

Write freely. Haphazardly. And do it constantly.


2 thoughts on “Write Constantly

  1. Very good advice. I’ve found myself almost forgetting how to write, or at least be creative about it, when I take long breaks from it. Writing truly is habit that needs to be developed constantly.

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    • Yep, although on the flip side I try not to beat myself up if I don’t feel like writing for a while. The pressure, or more accurately the *desire*, builds anyways, so I do it sooner or later anyways and when things get stale, maybe that “rest period” is necessary for going at it fresh. I fail too a lot of the time (in not beating myself up over it or being, well, miserable about it, but I also firmly believe it’s a lot of energy wasted and needless strain on myself, and my writing tends to suffer if I try to hard to force it)…

      Being shameless, I think, is the common thread for me. Glad you found it be be useful though 🙂 , I never know if what I have to say (especially when venturing into the area of writing “tips”) will be relevant to anyone else, so it’s good to know that it is, at least from time to time 😀 .

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