Candy for the Eyes

Eye Candy is a new category inspired (in part) by Melania Knauss.
Starting with porn star Ashley Bulgari, here are a few examples….

Ashley Bulgari

…and some artwork from who the fuck knows where…

Joker Face

… should give an idea of the kind of content you can expect to see under the “Eye Candy” heading. In a nutshell I guess you could say it’s a section for doing what I do with pics on Facebook already.


In fact a couple of precursors to this would be Chicks & Blow and that Facebook Sampling.
Both have eye candy, and both conform to the idea of what this new category is for.
Some will like it and other won’t, but hey, if I like them I’m probably going to share ’em.
The way I share quotes and music is the same way Ill share this stuff.

Devil Woman

To anyone who wonders about the why of it all, here’s my response: why not?
If I feel like explaining it in any more depth than that, I’ll do it in another post.
In the meantime…. consider this an introduction to a new category here.

(Fyi, none of the images I share were created by me, and I don’t any of them either. If I know who a model, artist, or photographer is, I’ll credit them somewhere in the post. If I don’t, well, tough shit for them. This is the internet and I don’t know where 80% of the images come from that cross my screen. If it’s ever a concern to anyone they can let me know who to credit and I’ll add it.)


4 thoughts on “Candy for the Eyes

    • You mean your unfollowing (as opposed to “following”)? That’s fine. I wonder if the quotes or music videos I sometimes post bother you too.

      In any case, I’m sure I’ll continue to have great luck, but thanks for wishing me well 🙂 .


      • Of course I wish you well! I like much of your personal work, but not all the other information you share. I’ve been a follower for a bit, but I’m sensitive about female sexuality. Continue being you, and don’t let people hold you back, even if your aesthetic isn’t yours 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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