Should America Apologize?

This questions comes up a lot these days, in one form or another. Should we apologize to present day African Americans for the slavery in our nations history? Should we apologize to Japan for dropping nuclear bombs on them during World War II? Should apologize to women because there aren’t enough female characters in video games? Should we apologize to illegal immigrants because of the segment of our citizens that don’t want them taking advantage of us? The answer to all of these is no, and I can explain the reasoning pretty easily. One by one, if you like.

Should Any Group Of Present Day Americans Apologize For Slavery?

If this doesn’t seem like a stupid fucking question right off the bat, allow me to offer some insight. Let’s start with another question: if the answer were yes, just who exactly do you believe should apologize? I’ve never owned any slaves or even so much as judged someone on the basis of their skin color, so it sure as fuck isn’t me. So if not me or someone like me, then who? I’d say nobody should, because no one alive in the present day had a goddamn thing to do with the slave trade of a hundred years ago. Some of the people who ask this question also believe African Americans should be given reparations for the suffering of their ancestors too.

Again though, just who the fuck should foot the bill? Tax payers? Why? Again, you run into the problem of no one being responsible for any of the shit that went on 100+ years ago.

Then there’s another angle to look at, even if we assume the answer is yes instead of no. Who specifically ought we apologize to? All African Americans living in the States? Wrong. First there’s the most obvious: not everyone who’s black can trace their lineage back to any slaves here. A fair amount people of that ethnicity (just like any other race) are descendants of men and women who came here during a different time period. Their ancestors (or they themselves) immigrated willingly and were free upon arrival. Then there’s the slightly less obvious bit: even the folks who are descended from slaves, what the fuck to they know about slavery? What kind of suffering and hardship have they endured as a result of it? The answer is none. Modern day people are treated pretty fucking equally for the most part, and even when they’re not it’s rarely because of race.

Get where I’m going with this? No one alive today has had any firsthand experience as a slave, no one alive has suffered as one, so to me it stands to reason that no one alive deserves any kind of apology or reparation. The only people who deserve either of those dead and buried.

Should We As A Nation Apologize To Japan For Dropping Nukes On Them in WWII?

No. No, no, and no again. Not only do the same arguments from the previous question apply (in that few if any people who were directly effected are even alive today to be apologized to), but we were at war with them and nuclear bombs were an effective means of winning. A better question is, should America apologize to a former enemy for waging war with the weapons available to us, in the middle of a fucking war? Maybe that puts it into perspective a little better, because to me the answer to that one is a big fat no, and the way the question is (properly) phrased, it’s not hard to see why someone like me would be asking “what the fuck do we have to apologize for?”

Should We Apologize To Women The Number Of Female Video Game Characters?

Nope. If anyone takes issue with it, then instead of trying to bully, pressure, and bash the current batch of video game creators into complying with their demands, what they need to do is get involved in making their own fucking video games. They ought to encourage more women who feel the same way to make their own product, and to find or create the market for it just like everyone else has to. Fact is, game creators probably don’t give a whole lot of thought to giving “proper” representation to certain segments of the population because it’s a fucking game.

It’s supposed to be about fun, entertainment, good game play and engaging story lines.

And none of it should be taken seriously enough to make anyone (women or otherwise) feel like they’re being slighted by the industry. If you think it’s a problem, you go in and add your own content to the mix. Set an example of what you’d like to see more of and prove that it’s viable through your own goddamn product. Use your own resources to do it, and don’t demand that other people use their to match your vision. It’s their money, their brain power, and their vision. If you don’t like it you can compete with them, and if you don’t like that option you can fuck off.

Should We Apologize To Illegal Immigrants For Trying To Maintain Our Sovereignty?

To be able to answer this question, I’d actually need some clarification.

What exactly is it we should be apologizing for? Wanting to enforce our immigration laws? Wanting to prevent illegals from working in jobs that could be getting filled by American workers instead? Wanting to cut off the theft of tax payer money via the cost to our healthcare and welfare systems?

Where in the hell in any of that do people see anything we should be apologizing for? If anyone should be saying sorry on this one, it should be illegal immigrants, and along with their apology they can go ahead and take a one way trip back to their country of origin. At least until such time as they decide to immigrate to America legally like so many others have done. Speaking of which, legal immigrants are a group they should specifically feel apologetic towards. They came here the right way, jumped through all the necessary hoops, and then they get to watch as millions of people are allowed to hop the line? Just who the fuck thinks there’s anything okay about that???

The Answer To All Of These Questions Is NO!

In a lot of this mess, the only people who might deserve an apology are dead and gone. Those that aren’t (like the video game nazi’s and the illegal immigrants) have no reason for expecting one. We might have done some pretty horrible shit in our time, but the fact is a lot of our most atrocious collective behavior is in the distant past, and and the people who think these bullshit questions up should probably think about not living in it. Even if I acknowledge how destructive it was to nuke Japan, we were at war. Fuck apologies. If they’re still sore about what happened, tough shit. Maybe they should’ve thought about that before getting entangled in a fight against us.

Yes, a lot of bad shit has happened, but here’s a reality check: I didn’t do any of it.

Neither did any of the present day population, so stop digging shit up to whine about and get the fuck over it already. Reparations for slavery shouldn’t even be brought up in any serious way, and if they’re given, they shouldn’t be. Even if my ancestors had been involved in the slave trade (which they weren’t), I’d still be saying the same thing in the exact same way because I’m not responsible for what my fucking ancestors did. Don’t like that? To fucking bad. I’m not getting pegged with someone’s asinine, centuries spanning, absolutely baseless blame game. Should we have apologized for some of this shit? Sure. But whether we did or not in the past, it’s a new day.

Move the fuck on, it’s ancient history.


5 thoughts on “Should America Apologize?

  1. I’ve always thought it was silly to apologize for something that happened more than 100 years ago. Was slavery wrong? Of course. But rehashing it 100 years later just keeps the issue front and center, when what we should be doing is moving past it – and healing. I’m not saying the matter should be buried – certainly, it should be acknowledged as part of history, with a view to using that history to improve present day social relationships.

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