Saints of Decadence

Decadence Wears a Halo Too

Don’t know who the artist is or what the art work was actually titled.

I think of this as being symbolic of decadence though, in the same sense of decadence that was exemplified by Oscar Wilde via Dorian Gray. We rip each other apart, and ourselves, and there’s really nothing wrong with it. It’s destructive but… so what. We’re all going to die someday anyways so why not enjoy the hell out of it? Why not show off our enjoyment and celebrate the lives we’re living while we’ve still got them? Why not celebrate and appreciate the experience of being alive.

The lows are, in their own way, just as precious as the highs.

(Alt. Title: Even the Decadent Sometimes Have Halos  /or/ The Decadent Have Halos Of Their Own.)


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