#RIPblogging is a B.S. Hashtag

I couldn’t help but roll me eyes when I noticed the hashtag #RIPBlogging was trending on twitter. This is seriously still a thing? Talking about how blogging is a dead medium? I could’ve swore I’d heard that before, years ago, and yet… here I am blogging. A lot of other people are too.

I get if it’s not your medium, if you prefer uploading videos to your youtube account or live streaming or whatever else you’re into, but you might want to get this through that thick skull of yours: while it might not be your preference, there are always going to be people with different preferences than yours, people more comfortable with writing as a way to communicate.

And from the audience perspective there are going to be people who prefer reading, getting e-mail notifications, etc. over watching 30 second clips or 15 minute videos, or keeping up with your live stream scheduling. Those are alternatives to a blog, but they’re not replacements.

There’s also always going to be people who are just better with blogging or writing than they are with other mediums. Different strokes for different folks, as they say. It’s not dead, and it’s not going away, so do us all a favor and kindly fuck off with the #RIPBlogging nonsense.


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