A Difference of Opinion

Fyi, don’t take that last post as an indictment or smear of the person I was responding to. She wrote a post I had some opposing thoughts on, that’s all, and that one post of hers is hardly a representation of everything she writes. So to anyone who reads my perspective and agrees…

Just do me (and her) a favor: keep things in perspective 😉 .

I might disagree with her on the subject of Donald Trump and, maybe, on political views in a broader sense, but I’m still a fan of her blog and her blogging. I was and am simply trying express something, and my response to her post was a convenient vehicle for that. That’s about all.

Simple disagreement, is simply that.

(There was a post just like this published right after I posted Criticizing a Caricature saying basically the same thing I just said, but I wanted to add a little so I copy/pasted it, then added to it, and now I’ve got this post instead, so… yeah. Just and all around “fyi” post, I guess.)


3 thoughts on “A Difference of Opinion

  1. Jack, since when can’t we disagree with another blogger without having to publish a subsequent post explaining it? Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, even Canadians (sorry, Linda, couldn’t resist that). Like any group of friends, bloggers are individuals who may not see eye-to-eye on everything. I think most of us understand that.

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    • Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong, when it comes to bloggers you definitely seem to be right about that, at least generally speaking. And with Linda too, fore sure. I’m just used to more abrasive (and easily offended) people, and I don’t know that everyone’s got that level of understanding. In my experience, depressingly few have the ability to respectfully (or competently) disagree. This is just a sort of afterthought to people like that.

      Linda herself is awesome, in my experience, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the nature of disagreement and how poorly people in general seem to handle it…

      I suppose it was also because of some thoughts I’d been chewing over on disagreement in general… thinking about writing out a post on it. But really it’s just an afterthought based on past experiences with touchier people, and not so much for clarification to her as much as it is for people who read it and take it wrong. It just seemed like a good idea to put this out there along with the other post, so it’s crystal clear.

      Especially since I don’t usually make direct responses to people’s posts unless it’s in a comment on their own site. I tend to depersonalize whatever it is I’m writing about, disassociate it from any names, so the idea is in focus rather than the person or persons expressing them. Not sure if it’s really a hard rule or anything either tbh… I just tend to veer away from that, mostly out of respect, and especially when I have a strong opinion.

      One way to look at it, I guess you could say, is that I just didn’t want her (or anyone else) mistaking my disagreement with her on one little thing to be a representation of a general dislike. Hopefully a pointless thing to do (like you say, most of us understand that), but it only took a minute so I figured what the hell, why not post this too 🙂 .


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