Shifting Gears… Maybe

With that last post published and out of the way, I feel like shifting gears a bit. Maybe not, not totally, but I get tired of talking about politics. Sometimes anyways… it gets tiresome. I keep up with current events, and one could fairly say I make it my business to peddle opinions – this is a blog your reading after all, and that’s kind of what blogs are for – so talking politics on a regular(ish) basis is probably inevitable. But still, my enthusiasm for it can run a little thin.

Criticizing a Caricature, both parts, just isn’t the kind of thing I enjoy very much, and what’s the point of this if not to have some fucking fun? Small doses are fine, but read part 1 and 2 and you’ll see, those weren’t exactly small. They were also kind of a substitute for doing my own thing, too reactionary for my tastes. The first was built on a response to someone elses post, the second, on a response to their 1st subsequent comment. If I wanted to I could translate the rest of the exchange into two or three more posts, but I’d rather just leave the comments as comments.

That shit was just to… to limited in scope, too tied to a specific other person. And narcissist that I am, I don’t really care for doing things that way. Besides that I think I’ve made the point I was trying to get across, which is that most of the criticisms people have tried to slap Trump with are total bullshit. Distortions at best, deliberate misrepresentations at worst.

As I write this I can already tell there’s plenty more I could spew out on the subject, but if I do… I’d rather center each piece of writing (maybe even under the same title, as a series) on the criticisms themselves. Minus the reactionary element, minus directly naming and addressing a specific mouthpiece for those criticisms. Especially if it gets touchy because hurt feelings, making the whole process into an interaction instead of an expression… it’s just a bunch of needless distraction from whatever the subject at hand might be. And it’s all so serious.

Don’t be surprised if I contradict that (sometimes, depending on the context, the circumstances, the whatever… I feel differently and make exceptions), but yeah. That approach isn’t as satisfying as just writing, is not as satisfying as a lot of other things I could be doing, is not even as satisfying as doing the same thing in a different way. And you know what I say to dissatisfaction, don’t you.

Fuck it.

Satisfaction and fulfillment, that’s what life’s all about. I mean look at what I’m writing right at this very moment, look at what you’re reading. It’s all very pointless in a lot of ways. Talking about shifting gears, talking about doing something. I guess it’s not a substitute for doing something though because it’s exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about doing, even as I do it, but… it’s a cathartic, slightly messy, haphazard fucking free flow of thought. Maybe more reflective than I’d like, but hey, can’t knock it if it’s getting my rocks off, can I. This is the kind of shit I enjoy.


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