Off the Cuff

What you’ve done before doesn’t mean shit. It’s all about right now.

It’s hard to remember that sometimes, with writing alone it’s hard to put the past writings out of my mind, the best of my posts, the things I’ve already created. I do my best work when I forget about all that shit though. When it doesn’t exist and all I’ve got is the present moment.

It just doesn’t mater what you’ve done. What matters is what you can do on the fly.

Just with my own experiences, I’ve come to believe if you can’t do your thing at the drop of a hat, whatever it is… if you can’t turn on a dime from whatever other shit you’re doing and churn out material, thoughts, a story, or whatever… if you can’t do it off the cuff, then you can’t do it.


3 thoughts on “Off the Cuff

    • Yeah, that’s the other side of it for sure: different strokes for different folks. And sometimes I take a different approach, but I do tend to think that even with stuff that generally requires some preparation of planning, whether you can jump into it and pull it off (planned or not) at the drop of a hat is a good measure, at least a lot of the time, as to whether you’ve truly got a handle on what you’re doing. I was thinking of my writing, for one, and my Dad, for two. He does sideshow performances which often includes sidewalk performances. I’ve written some of my best (and some of my longest) posts on a whim. Which I can generally get away with, ’cause I’m kind of good at this. My dad… it’s kind of the same thing. He can plan out his act(s), set up a whole stage, etc. but he can also, at the drop of a hat, just slip into it and pull of a performance rather well, on the fly. And he can do that because, through some natural talent, and through practice and skill building in various areas and aspects of performance, he’s pretty damn good at what he does.

      That’s some of what I had in mind when I wrote this particular post 🙂 .

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      • I think it’s a measure of some truth from within, some real aspect of oneself when “it” can be drawn out without planning or forethought. I understand what you saying for sure. There’s a fluidity and natural ongoing flow of energy that feels absolutely true. When I write something unplanned and I have no writing errors – those are the posts for me that have surfaced in this way. xo, J

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