Socialized Healthcare

Some guy was trying to make the case for socialized healthcare in the comments section of a YouTube video, and succeeding by virtue of sheer relentlessness – the comments of this particular thread were numbering in the hundreds by the time I first replied, and this fucking guy had responded to every challenger from the start. Continues to do so, actually. Not necessarily with true counter points either – my reply, for example, wasn’t directly addressed except to say that there are benefits, one of them (in some cases) being that it ups national life expectancy.

Which is funny, ’cause…

I never said there weren’t any potential benefits, just that the costs far outweigh them.

Taxes are already way too high in America, especially considering how much of that tax money is pissed away by incompetent, inept, possibly corrupt politicians. What we get out of it is wasted money, mismanagement, etc. none of which would go away under a more socialized form of healthcare, and that would actually be worsened because you basically have to expand inefficient, fiscally irresponsible programs. So in my book, that alone makes it a bad trade off.

It’s not feasible in any real sense.

Not unless you’re willing to tax the population to death, and in case anyone’s forgotten, this country was founded mainly because England was taxing us too much and we couldn’t stop them. We literally went to war over it, and rightfully so, declaring our independence.

Benefits can and do exist in some socialized healthcare systems, but the costs (higher taxes, federally controlled healthcare, giving up on the idea & proven benefits of a free market & competition) are simply not worth it The means one would have to use to achieve (and sustain) such a thing… are plainly un-American. That’s just not something I’m okay with on any level.

The likely benefits of a more capitalist approach are completely ignored too, btw. What we had before Obamacare can’t be decried as a failure of that approach because that wasn’t capitalism, it was corporatism. And people really need to learn the difference before critiquing; most of ’em anyways. Some of them just need to stop being so disingenuous. But anyways…

I say try capitalism out in the context of the insurance and healthcare industry before telling me socialist healthcare is the answer. If and when that is actually tried, and if and when it fails, then, maybe, we can talk about the possibility of different approaches. The problem for any advocates of socialized healthcare is, despite whatever drawbacks arise, capitalism always produces better results overall than the socialist approach. Always. It won’t fail, at least not when compared to the socialists alternative. If we were to go that route, I wouldn’t be the one having to eat my words.

I think a fair amount of advocates for socialism know that too, actually. It would explain why they always try to ignore that side of the argument. Either because they know they don’t have a counter – and some of these people assume there is one, but that they just don’t know what it is – or they know there isn’t one. That it’s not just their specific intellectual limitations as an individual, but the limitations of how much you can twist statistics and other evidence to suit a narrative. Because believe me, even that has it’s limits, despite what modern day journalists seem to think.

Don’t take my word for it either, read a fucking history book. Check out the economic conditions (never mind whether or not they have any rights or freedoms like we do in the States) of any of the nations currently operating under socialized healthcare. The evidence is overwhelming.

Socialism doesn’t work. Not for healthcare, and not for much of anything else.

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