Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

If you write something and you’ve already made your point but still feel the urge to say more, to better qualify whatever it is you were trying to get across, to make it less offensive, or to make sure you’ve covered all the different lines of attack someone can use if they disagree with you…

Resist the urge.

Giving into it is fine sometimes, especially if you want to show off your ability to cover all the angles on something, but even then there’s a point where you have to say “enough is enough” and just fucking publish it. If you over indulge in the impulse like I sometimes do…

It’s going to kill your productivity.

More than that, if you’re successful it’s going to severely cut down on any dialogue that might’ve happened if you’d just left some things unsaid. Say them when and if necessary, but try to realize, in terms of firing the 1st shot and getting the ball rolling with any particular thought or opinion…

They’re not always necessary.

Not as a pre-emptive reply to potential criticisms, and sometimes not at all.


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