When In Doubt… Make Shit Up

The thing to remember about writing stories is, you’re essentially just making shit up. See, I get stuck sometimes like a lot of writers, successful and otherwise, and a lot of the time it starts with the question of… “shit, what comes next?”

That’s how it is for me anyways. I’m not sure of where to go next, the right direction, or what might realistically happen next. In other words I forget that I’m just making things up. I get absorbed in the story and it gets more real the further I go, and then… “what next?”

The more realness and life of its own a story develops, the more weight that question seems to have and the easier it is to get caught in the trap of thinking it has to be a certain way or measure up or “fit” (whatever the fuck that means) with what’s already happened.

Here’s the solution though, the one that always provides an answer to that question: make shit up. It’s as simple as that. Maybe not easy, but so many things are like that. Hard to do maybe, easy to lose sight of sometimes, but simple.

Make shit up.


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