We’re Americans (1st)

Think about this: I’m not payed to talk about Trump.

In fact, given the audience, the people I’ve connected with through my writing, through social media, etc. it’s in my best interests to shut my fucking mouth about him. Politics in general aren’t something I talk much about. Mostly because it’s a waste of time, the politicians are all ultimately different faces for the same damn thing over and over again, serial panderers, with nothing but talking points and incompetence to offer to their constituents.

I talk about Trump anyways, in part because I’m not going to censor myself for anybody but also because this quote is pretty true. I’ve watched him from the moment he entered the race, assessed all the other candidates too, and as the first few months unfolded in the primaries, his career, his resume, and the way he’s conducted his campaign all factored in to a solid enthusiasm for him. He’s actually promoting American (party blind) values. That, and more, brought me to the (inevitable) conclusion that he’s not just the best of a bad batch.

That’s usually how it is, like picking which STD is more desirable; would you rather have HIV or Herpes? This time around though, I’ve watched Trump show himself to be something far more than another STD. Clinton isn’t, Cruz wasn’t, and Bernie’s in the process of selling out at this very moment. Trump, on the other hand, isn’t the strictly the “anti-Hillary” candidate; that’s not the driving force behind his message. It ties into the overall narrative and plays a part, but his campaign, policies, etc. aren’t dependent on being anti anything. They stand on their own.


He has a message (and policies built around it) I wholeheartedly support. Make America Great Again. America 1st. In trade, immigration, infrastructure, terrorism, foreign aid, etc… America and Americans come first.

Anyone aspiring to the Presidency should feel that way, and yet there he stands, the only one (from either side of the aisle) not only expressing it in his policies, but explicitly stating that it’s the foundation on which each of his policies have been built, the basis for which he will make decisions if he becomes President. That means all Americans too; his more dishonest critics, the ones who say he’s racist or sexist, don’t seem able to get that through their thick fucking heads, but that ideology (especially when put into practice) will benefit all Americans, whether they’re Hispanic, Muslim, African American… pick a demographic and yes, it applies to them.

America 1st means America 1st.

So that’s at the heart of why I talk about him (his campaign, his policies, etc.) as much as I do.

His message resonates, his career shows a clear track record of delivering and getting things done, and the latter gives credibility to his message. All of that and more make this quote…

Two Things

…pretty damn true, ’cause with a candidate like that running for office and the very real possibility of someone like him winning in a political world otherwise filled with corrupt, inept, piece of shit politicians… all of that serves to motivate me not just to vote for him, but to speak up. To express why I like him, why I believe other people should vote for him too, to speak out about the election and hopefully have an impact. I’m not the only one either.

My willingness to talk about the presidential race as frequently as I do, despite how much I look down on politics and politicians in general, and despite my distaste for the ‘heavy’ subject matter, is mostly due to him being in this presidential race and that makes me living proof that this fucking guy is good at motivating people. If he wasn’t the way he was, with the resume he had, I wouldn’t waste my time. Maybe it’s an egotistical thing for him to say but…

Then again, maybe it’s just the truth.


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