Unrealized Dreams

You do what you have to do to make your dreams real, or you shut the fuck up about them not coming true. Any dream can be realized one way or another. They’re your dreams though, so the ball is in your court. It’s not up to anyone but you to bring them to life, and if you fail, then guess what. That’s on you. No one else cares. Nobody wants to hear about what could have been.

Not unless what is has already caught their attention & even then it’s best to limit negativity.


Or alternatively, if you can manage it, to simply outshine any negativity, any gripes, arguments, or things of the like, with positives, with achievement and success. That’s even better. Limiting negativity is a subtraction, a censorship, and simply pushing yourself harder to gain more, to achieve more, is an addition. More is always better, because you can achieve the same result.

The ratio is kind of what’s important so you can do either/or, but if you’re looking for greatness… shouldn’t you be aiming for success on such a great scale that any venting you want to do along the way is permissible just by virtue of how much you’ve managed to accomplish? The trick, really, is to be successful enough to bitch as you please about the failures (i.e. bumps) along the way.

No matter what approach you prefer though, the bringing your dreams to life, accomplishing that feat (or failing to pull it off) ultimately falls on you. Your dreams are your responsibility to fulfill.


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