More than a Collection

At one point I thought about calling this blog The Sutter Collection. I mainly decided against it because of what I associate with the word “collection”… it reminds me of dusty glass model houses, small spoons, hot wheels (also dusty). There’s a kind of stagnation, motionlessness, that I have stuck in my head when it comes to that word. It automatically makes me less enthusiastic about a thing, and that’s pretty much the opposite of the whole point of this blogs existence.

Collections aren’t all that bad though, and I might even make a separate site with that heading in the mid to long term but… I don’t want to collect things. I want a blog, a platform, a, well, a whatever the fuck that feels alive. That is alive. The organic feel, the forward motion, the ups and downs in momentum, that’s a lot more appealing to me than a collection. A lot more inspiring. Really, if I think about it, the heading I did decide to go with is perfect. Heart of a Lunatic.

Oh yes…

That sounds very much alive, doesn’t it. Sometimes it slows and sometimes it goes hard and fast like a fucking jackhammer. There are even times when I feel like it’s going to seize up and stop beating. Amazing how accidentally and enduringly  perfect the title has turned out to be.


5 thoughts on “More than a Collection

  1. The Sutter Collective

    Collective Hearts of a Lunatic

    Lunatic Collectives of Sutter’s Heart – that probably made you cringe.

    Collected Lunacy from Sutter’s Hearts ( yes, more than one heart )

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    • lol… yeah, not quite to my liking, but it never hurts to play with the words a bit, see if something else feels more “right”. I’ve gotta hand it to you, you came up with a couple of very interesting variations 😀 .


  2. I think “Heart of a Lunatic” is perfect – very catchy, and allows you to write any way you wish on any particular day.

    Did you ever think of adding the word “collection” to the Sutter’s Press site? That one really is a collection of various [exceptional 🙂 ] bloggers.

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    • That’s one of the reasons I like it, in terms of subject matter it’s non-specific so it doesn’t tie me down. That might not be a bad idea, adding it to the S.P. site, but I’m not sure it feels quite right for that. I’ll have to mull it over 🙂 .

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