Thought Hopping

It’s so frustrating wanting to write something and not knowing where to start. I have a habit of coming back to old posts too, unpublished drafts that just aren’t quite ‘finished’, and I make some progress but a lot of the time I end up just getting sick of it. Getting a little closer to a finished product and then… getting stuck.

When I reach that point my mind is kind of locked into the subject matter of whatever it was I tried to finish. Makes it harder, at least on the face of it, to hop onto another track of thought. That of course adds to the frustration, and I think it also reveals an important element of blogging on a regular basis.

A nimble mind is a must have, and not just with blogging or other kinds of writing. A lot of the progress or achievements you might be aiming for in any given area of your life benefits beyond what I could describe in words by not getting caught up or held down by one subject, one task, one whatever.

You need to be able to make the jump from one thing to the next, which means you’ve got to learn to finish. Even if something isn’t really as “finished” as you might like, getting it out of the way opens up the opportunity to move on to something else, or to try again with whatever it is you’re up to.


6 thoughts on “Thought Hopping

    • Haha, yeah, I know how that is for sure. I think I was at around 80 for a while. Every now and then I get the urge to purge some of it and the list gets a little shorter but like you, I’m kind of loathe to delete them. I try to make myself decide sometimes, “okay, I’m going t post this or delete it today, so which is it?” Sometimes that helps. Of course, there’s also benefits to having old stuff to springboard off of too, so there’s that at least 🙂 .

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  1. I consider the drafts folder a place where thoughts go to die off , lose steam or percolate. The ones that continue to breathe will get attention again – maybe. I can’t consider them ALL to be finished. Some drafts are simply thoughts that needed to be cleared out of my head or just said to myself privately.

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    • It’s pretty much the same for me. I like trying to cut out the latter kind though; if they just needed to be cleared out of my head, they’re a good thing to target when I’m decluttering. Chances are high that those ones in particular aren’t going to go anywhere as their own post(s) in the future.


      • You made me realize that when I do have something to write, it does take 1-3 or 4 hours to get onto paper. If it has to be written, I have to write it until it’s done. It’s like being possessed from within. I don’t know how professional writers can maintain a healthy and vital mind because the balance of creativity and structure seemed naturally at odds. . . controlling creativity and/or creating within structure must be intricate skills to master.

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