Art or Artist?

On a Facebook group called The Marilyn Manson Cult one of the members posted a rant about how she’s ashamed to be a part of a group that feels like it’s okay to try to change him, or to even wish he’d change in this way or that. Here’s part of what she had to say:

“Many people still see him as the active, healthy 24 year old Marilyn. Wake up. He’s not 24 anymore. He wont wear as much makeup, or do those crazy stunts on stage. It’s called growing up and living life and going through Hell to do it.

Those who wish to change him, would be wanting to change the very thing he stands for. Real fans wouldn’t want him to change, they would accept him for who he is, and what he does, not matter the cost.

So please, enjoy him while you can without drama, and stop acting like 12 year olds. While he may look immortal, and may act like it, he’s not. One day he WILL depart, just like everyone. So enjoy it while you can. Celebrate that he was able to finish his tour, that he is making a new album, that he is still CREATING.

Because in the end, that’s what matters most.”

In other words, our still living, darker version of David Bowie is alive and well, and she thinks his fans ought to be more appreciative of that. Honestly… yeah, I’d have to agree. One thing I think would help is if the people who don’t care for him would figure out the difference between being a fan of an album and being a fan of an artist. Either one is fine, but if you only love Antichrist Superstar, think most of his other work is shit, and wish he’d be the same as he was in that particular era, you’re a fan of Antichrist Superstar, not Marilyn Manson. He’s bigger than any one of his albums, only expressed in finite, specific ways in any given disc (or era), so if you only like one or two of those pieces of him then you’re a fan of a piece of him, not of the man himself.

That’s how I see it anyways.

It’s not about true fans versus posers, it’s just that some people are fans of specific albums, others are fans of the man himself, which include all of his albums too, to varying degrees. Neither kind of fan is better than the other, but for the record, I just so happen to be a fan of the artist.

(If you want to read her whole rant instead of just the excerpt, click here.)


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